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  1. health
    The Truth Behind All That Cortisol TalkIf you learned about — and then obsessed over — high cortisol with Dr. TikTok, it’s time for a reality check.
  2. year in review
    The Year in TikTok DramaHorny ice hockey fans, eyelash imposters, DIY feuds — in 2023, there was always something to fight about online.
  3. power
    The Rise and Fall of ‘Dr. Roxy’When plastic surgeon Dr. Katharine Grawe rose to TikTok fame, her OR seemed busier than ever. Until a record of botched surgeries caught up to her.
  4. tiktok
    Concealer Lips Are … Back?Apparently it’s the early 2000s again, according to Sofia Richie Grainge.
  5. celebrity
    Let Hailey Bieber Be Bloated in Peace“There’s something that’s disheartening about, Can’t I be bloated one time and not be pregnant?
  6. health
    Is Your Body Out of Sync With a Man’s World?On TikTok, influencers promise you can beat burnout by planning your life around your menstrual cycle.
  7. tiktok
    Trouble on Djerf AvenueMatilda Djerf is being accused of copyright-striking small creators.
  8. tiktok
    Who Are Lunden and Olivia, and Why Are They Sorry?The TikTok influencer couple has apologized for Lunden’s old racist tweets.
  9. women in stem
    So Now We Are Just Doing Math for FunGirl math, boy math, how about no math at all?
  10. parenting
    I Asked 65 Teens How They Feel About Being Online“Social media is a necessity. You take it away from us? It’s like, Oh, wow, we have nothing left.”
  11. payday
    ‘I Pay My College Tuition by Making TikToks’A beauty influencer breaks down how brand deals are funding her degree.
  12. fall fashion issue 2023
    Dylan Mulvaney’s Girlhood, InterruptedShe never expected to be attacked by the right-wing ghoul squad for just being so delightfully herself. She’s ready to make the most of it.
  13. tiktok
    Can We Please Stop Calling Our Faces Food?From lattes to strawberries – TikTok has a food for every makeup trend.
  14. style
    The Algorithm Chose @SubwaySessions. We Asked Her Our Burning QuestionsKristina Avakyan has gone viral on TikTok for her divisive outfits. Why do we care?
  15. niche drama
    The Smutty Hockey Drama Melting Down BookTokRomance-novel fans pined for Seattle Kraken player Alex Wennberg, who now says their posts crossed the line into sexual harassment.
  16. the internet
    What We’re Really Saying When We Talk About GatekeepingIt’s always been about the most powerful — it’s who has power and what they do with it that has changed.
  17. influencers
    First Comes Love, Then Comes Spon-conFans are speculating that beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira’s wedding was one big branded-content deal.
  18. power
    Everything We Know About the Investigation Into Andrew TateThe misogynist influencer will go to trial on charges of rape and human trafficking in Romania.
  19. health
    What to Know About BerberineThe supplement TikTok influencers call “nature’s Ozempic” isn’t FDA-approved and its long-term effects are unclear.
  20. dating
    So What’s Your ‘Beige Flag’?If you can’t answer … well, that’s your answer.
  21. style
    We’ve Hit Peak DupeThese days, shoppers will buy anything — except the real thing.
  22. the internet
    We’re All Shopping Addicts NowThere is always a newer, cooler, more desirable version of ourselves to become, if only we buy the right products.
  23. beauty
    Why Black Women Creators Are Accusing Tarte of Mistreatment (Again)Here’s the full breakdown.
  24. fixations
    Christian Bale, Gen-Z HeartthrobThe fan-cam edits of Patrick Bateman are less concerning than they look.
  25. sexual battery
    What We Know About the Arrest of Jackson MahomesThe TikTok influencer and younger brother of Patrick Mahomes has been charged with sexual battery.
  26. ‘drama’
    Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber Are Not in a FeudBut their fans are obsessed with proving otherwise.
  27. the hard part
    Are You a Silky Mom, a Crunchy Mom, or a Scrunchie Mom?Parenting, according to TikTok.
  28. fixations
    I Can’t Shut Up About #WaterTok“Water recipes” are TikTok’s latest deranged beverage trend.
  29. the internet
    Just Parties Aren’t Fun AnymoreYou need a theme.
  30. The Primer That Made Me Break Up With TikTok’s ‘Bold Glamour’ FilterYou know the one.
  31. celebrity
    Turns Out a Lot of People Are Thirsty for TikTok’s CEOShou Zi Chew may not have won over Congress, but he has my FYP in a chokehold.
  32. self
    Narcissist and ProudRebranding a personality defect as a “positive illusion.”
  33. tech
    Unpacking the Recent Flood of TikTok BansThe app’s murky connection to China has alarmed a lot of politicians — and now the White House.
  34. health
    Morning-After Pills Are Getting a RebrandA handful of companies say they want to provide a better experience than buying Plan B, but something’s still missing.
  35. the internet
    Living the DreamWhy endure the dull or excruciating realities of everyday life when you can just manifest your way to a better one on TikTok?
  36. culture
    Life Is Easier With a Fake AssistantTikTok is full of advice on how to get free stuff by pretending to be your own assistant. So I tried it out myself.
  37. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About ‘Rat Snacks’A growing TikTok food trend is the equivalent of goblin mode for your midday hunger pangs.
  38. beauty drama
    What’s the Drama With the Kosas Concealer?Does it have mold, or is it just expired? TikTok is asking.
  39. celebrity
    Selena Gomez Is Prioritizing Her Health Over Body-Shamers“I would much rather be healthy and take care of myself.”
  40. style
    I Never Asked to Be the Face of a Movement“TikTok turned me into a body-positive influencer,” Remi Bader says. “I still ended up at an eating-disorder treatment center.”
  41. celebrity
    Julia Fox Has a Mice-Friendly ApartmentShe mentioned her rodent roommate during an apartment tour on TikTok.
  42. 5 questions with…
    Reece Feldman Follows the Timothée Chalamet Rule of Style“I go by the rule of thumb that any time Timothée Chalamet or Harry Styles does something on a red carpet, I’m then allowed to do it.”
  43. beauty
    Why Are All These Beauty Influencers Suddenly in Dubai?A lavish vacation sponsored by Tarte has taken over TikTok.
  44. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About the Red-Beret Girl From MatildaMeet TikTok’s latest “It” girl.
  45. beauty
    I Got Rid of My Buccal Fat Years Ago and Never Looked BackNo one noticed my cheeks after the 45-minute surgery that changed my face. And that’s exactly what I wanted.
  46. beauty
    Everything We Know About the Mielle Rosemary Hair Oil TikTok DramaThe viral hair oil has been beloved by Black women, but now that influencer Alix Earle is praising it, white women want in on the hair growth too.
  47. year in review
    The Craziest TikTok Beauty Trends to Come Out of 2022Some are good, some are harmful, and some are practices passed down for generations in Black culture.
  48. year in review
    Could Anyone Keep Track of This Year’s Microtrends?In 2022, fashion was defined by the hyperspecific avatars we chose to shape our wardrobes.
  49. year in review
    This TikToker Spent 2022 Reviewing Luxury-Store BathroomsWhen you’re about to drop $2,000 but you’ve really gotta No. 2.
  50. big little drinks
    Are Negroni Sbagliatos Actually Good?According to Laura Dern, definitely not.
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