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  1. make it work
    Video: Tim Gunn Gives His Honest Thoughts on the Salahis, Taylor Momsen, and Lady Gaga on Access HollywoodHe called the Salahis “sociopaths” right in front of their faces.
  2. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: More Jackie Yo Than Jackie OThe 1960s FLOTUS was the muse for this week’s challenge.
  3. make it work
    Tim Gunn Thinks Taylor Momsen Is ‘Pathetic’Burn!
  4. make it work
    Nina Garcia Never Saw Anna Wintour Get Carried Down the Stairs“I am a big admirer of her,” she adds. AW!
  5. fashion’s night out
    Slideshow: What Everyone Bought on Fashion’s Night OutAnna’s economy-stimulus plan worked!
  6. party lines
    Tim Gunn Has Seen Editors ‘Act Out’ on the Front RowAlso, he’s not worried about what Anna Wintour will do to him after talking to the press about her diva behavior.
  7. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: The Last ResortWherein the designers attempt to make vacation gear that doesn’t look touristy.
  8. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Project Runway Show Draws Pop Stars, Slashies, Well-Moisturized ModelsLet’s play the guess-who-wins game!
  9. make it work
    Tim Gunn: ‘Condé Nast Would Be Well Served by Having Lots of Straitjackets Around’And his book promotion rolls on!
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    Video: Tim Gunn Tells the Story of When Anna Wintour Went ‘Ballistic’ on Him“I was asked what I’ve seen in fashion that I’ll never forget and it was very easy — it was seeing Anna Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs.”
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    Project Runway Recap: Avocado Goiters and One Sweet PeachPlus, is Ivy the new Gretchen?
  12. make it work
    Tim Gunn Thinks It’s ‘Insane’ That Anna Wintour Isn’t Called Out for Her Behavior More Often“Is it fear? I was certainly afraid of her,” he says.
  13. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Philip Treacy FTWThe ‘PR’ contestants have to design outfits to complement their PT-designed hats, one of which looks like “a big vagina.”
  14. loose threads
    See Gisele and Lauren Hutton’s New Covers; Alexander McQueen Designed RugsAlso, Julia Restoin Roitfeld isn’t a pants person.
  15. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Otherwise Known As the ‘Everybody Hates Gretchen’ EpisodeA.k.a. Casanova guts a dog, a.k.a. AJ kisses up to Betsey Johnson, a.k.a. Tim tells Peach to pull the coal out of her butt.
  16. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Who Is the Marie Claire Woman?The contestants design a dress for a billboard in Times Square, and Mondo cries. Aw.
  17. make it work
    Project Runway Recap: Season Eight Kicks Off in New YorkNinety minutes, Lifetime? Ninety minutes!?! That’s just cruel.
  18. mobama watch
    ‘Family Obligation’ Keeps Rodarte From Personally Basking in Michelle Obama’s PraiseBut Tim Gunn was there to soak up the First Lady’s love.
  19. make it work
    Meet the New Yorkers From Project Runway, Season EightThree hometown heroes are competing for Heidi, Nina, Michael, and Tim’s affection — and one of them is named Casanova.
  20. wintour wonderland
    Tim Gunn Claims He Saw Anna Wintour’s Bodyguards Carry Her Down the StairsHe also claims he once saw André Leon Talley getting fed grapes and cheese cubes.
  21. garment district drama
    Tim Gunn Says the Death of the Garment District Has Been Greatly ExaggeratedBut he still wishes more designers knew how to freakin’ sew.
  22. big gunn
    Tim Gunn Will Appear in the Smurfs MovieAnd ‘Sex and the City 2.’ We knew him when!
  23. fiercemonger
    Christian Siriano’s Business Expected to Grow 40 Percent This YearHe made Crain’s list of top 40 New Yorkers under 40.
  24. quotables
    Tim Gunn Is Not a Fan of the Kardashians’ Design CareerHooray for the voice of reason!
  25. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Peaches Geldof Goes ‘Cray-Cray’ at DVFPlus: Tim Gunn claps, and André Leon Talley takes out a Muppet.
  26. loose threads
    LVMH Wins Another Suit Against eBay; Tim Gunn Is Against LiquidsAlso, Alexander Wang is scouting locations for his first New York store.
  27. party lines
    Construction Workers Holler at Tim GunnThey’re big fans of ‘Project Runway.’
  28. high tech high fashion
    Video Games Go From Geeky to Crafty to Attract a Fashionable Female AudienceJewelry-making and ‘Project Runway’ go interactive to lure new generation of gamers.
  29. loose threads
    Hugo Boss to Shutter Cleveland Plant; PETA Honors Tim GunnAnd Taylor Momsen tries to explain her style.
  30. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Thoughts on the Project Runway FinaleSome off-the-cuff thoughts on last night’s show, and the big winner.
  31. make it work
    Project Runway: Tim Hits the Road and Cooks. Aww.Tim visits the remaining three contestants at home and everyone gets a nice surprise…
  32. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Find Inspiration … in L.A.It’s the final episode before Bryant Park, and two contestants are sent home. Find out what happened.
  33. loose threads
    Woody Allen May Want to Cast Adriana Lima; Penn Badgley Likes Thigh-High BootsAlso, Tim Gunn is rumored to make a cameo in the next ‘Sex and the City’ movie.
  34. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Get to Use Sequins and Feathers!They have to make a costume for Christina Aguilera, and Tim Gunn says the phrase, “Super sexy slut!”
  35. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Tackle Wedding GownsBecause nothing says you’re ready to date again like wearing your old wedding dress!
  36. loose threads
    Early Raves for Thom Browne’s Lower-Priced Offerings; Tim Gunn Wants MObama to Ditch CrocsAlso, Isaac Mizrahi opened a new store because of his psychic.
  37. wonder woman
    Ungaro Hired Lindsay Lohan Mostly Because of Tim Gunn and Project RunwayThe clothes Lindsay had strewn all over her place also had something to do with it.
  38. make it work
    Lies Taint Project Runway’s Newspaper-Outfit CompetitionOur recap of last night’s episode lies within.
  39. loose threads
    Tom Ford’s First Film Nabs Award; Tim Gunn Not Invited to DVF ShowAlso, the turnout to the Behnaz Sarafpour show was dismal at best.
  40. crazytown
    Tim Gunn on Lohan: Is Ungaro’s Board of Directors Smoking Crack?Let’s just say he doesn’t approve of the line’s new artistic adviser.
  41. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: At the Court of Christian Siriano and Tim GunnThe designer and his mentor both wowed the crowd tonight.
  42. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Don’t Go to the Beach MuchTheir challenge: to make surf-inspired outfits. The outcome? Oh so comical.
  43. make it work
    Project Runway Designers Have Some Astonishing Ideas About PregnancyRevisit each look in our recap of last night’s episode.
  44. loose threads
    Versace to Unveil Versus Apparel Next Month; Hermès Profits DownAlso, see the homeless-chic cover of September’s Italian ‘Vogue.’
  45. make it work
    Tim Gunn: Heidi Klum Is the New Tyra Banks on Models of the RunwayAs we’ve said before, this show sounds amazing.
  46. make it work
    Critics: Lifetime Hasn’t Tampered With Project RunwayThe show is basically the same as it’s always been.
  47. make it work
    Has Lifetime Ruined Project Runway? (Updated)Someone who has seen the first episode says maybe not.
  48. make it work
    Video: The Next Season of Project Runway Looks Lifetime-yAt least Lindsay Lohan guest-judged.
  49. make it work
    Meet the Next Project Runway CastThey’re pretty!
  50. make it work
    Leanne Marshall’s Bluefly Collection Is Finally ReadyGet a first look at the most recent ‘Project Runway’ winner’s latest collection.
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