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Tim Kaine

  1. power
    Will All the Harassment Claims Against Senators Be Released?Senator Tim Kaine thinks they should be.
  2. everyday sexism
    Guess How Many Times the Moderator Was Interrupted During the VP DebateSpoiler: a lot of times.
  3. power couples
    Let Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Convince You They’re BFFsOtherwise known as their People interview.
  4. Tim Kaine’s Wife Won’t Run for Senate Because She Doesn’t Want Him As a BossShe’s all for public service, but there are limits.
  5. dads
    Tim Kaine Killed It on Harmonica Last NightHe played the hit single, “Wagon Wheel.” 
  6. books
    Did Elena Ferrante Write Hillary Clinton’s New Book?My Brilliant POTUS.
  7. maybe he’s born with it
    Was Tim Kaine Wearing Mascara Last Night? An Investigation.Don’t hate him cuz he’s beautiful.
  8. Did Tim Kaine Remind You of Anyone Last Night?Hillary Clinton’s VP pick is the dad America needs.