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Time Management

  1. holidays 2019
    Oh No, Christmas Is in Two WeeksOh God. Oh no.
  2. hope this helps
    Writing Down Everything I Did in a Day Weirdly Made Me Feel CalmerIt’s easier than it sounds.
  3. Google Wants to Help You Actually Do the Things You Intend to DoA new feature for the calendar app borrows from the work of behavioral scientist Dan Ariely.
  4. productivity
    A Google Exec on How to Organize Your WorkweekDon’t expect too much of your Friday self, for one.
  5. productivity
    These Scientists Want to Fix Your Terribly Disorganized CalendarGoogle is betting on an app backed by the wisdom of behavioral economics to help you manage your time. 
  6. time management
    Taylor Swift: Too Busy Living Life for BoyfriendsBeing a businessperson-singer. 
  7. work smarter
    Work Smarter: Even a 3-Second Distraction Can Screw You UpOr, how your Gchat addiction messes you up at work.