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  1. much to think about
    Big Sean Vexed by Big QuestionsScience has confirmed what the rapper has long sensed is true: Earth’s rotation is speeding up.
  2. time
    Blue Ivy Is a Tween, and You Are AncientThis celebrity baby is now old enough to wear lip gloss and be embarrassed by her dad.
  3. hairy situations
    Behold: 2021’s Most Influential HairTime names Elon Musk and his undercut “person of the year.”
  4. what is time
    Tomorrow Is August?!?!?!?!!?
  5. time
    I’m Embracing Mariah Carey’s Concept of TimeIt’s relevant now more than ever.
  6. what time is it?
    Why Bother With 4/20 When Time Is Meaningless?San Francisco’s mayor warned those celebrating the upcoming festivities from congregating with each other.
  7. science of us
    What Is ‘Time Blindness’ and Do You Have It?Probably.
  8. coronavirus
    What Even Is Time?We’ve lost all concept of it.
  9. time
    A Brief History of Mariah Carey Refusing to Acknowledge TimeTime? She doesn’t know her.
  10. science of us
    Why It’s So Upsetting That It’s Only TuesdayAnd why does this happen every single week?
  11. science of us
    Enjoy Time, Because Death Is ComingAll time is death, really.
  12. science of us
    Sometimes I Like Different Times of DayIt just depends on what’s happening that day.
  13. science of us
    The Afternoon Is the Worst TimeLet’s stop arguing over mornings and nights and focus on the real enemy here.
  14. the harvey weinstein case
    Mira Sorvino Calls for a ‘Mass Speaking-Out’ Against Sexual AssaultIn an essay for Time, she wrote about her decision to speak out against Harvey Weinstein.
  15. Your Brain Treats a Blink Like a Tiny NapTime slows down when your eyes are closed.
  16. 10 Minutes And A Set Of Stairs Are All You Need To Get More FitFitness can and should be convenient.
  17. Why It Feels Like Years Since Trump’s InaugurationPsychology and philosophy explain why.
  18. time
    Cheaters Live in the Present MomentHonesty looks toward the future.
  19. To Feel More Productive, Take a Break to Do Something SelflessTime slows down when you spend it on someone else.
  20. Blame Your Sloppy Decisions on the Time of DayYou’ll be neater in the morning.
  21. science of us
    Why Time Slows Down When You’re TravelingIt makes you a kid again.
  22. Your Vacation Will Feel Longer If You Don’t Plan It to DeathEverybody chill.
  23. Why Jet Lag Is Worse Traveling From West to EastTime is relative, and so is your suffering.
  24. Why Does Time Seem to Slow Down on Tuesdays?The science of the workweek time warp.
  25. advice
    Adele Has Some Really Good Advice About ‘Building Your Brand’Just be a person.
  26. studies
    Kids Don’t Really Know What They’re Talking About When They Talk About TimeBut who among us does?
  27. time
    Time Seems to Pass More Slowly for Depressed PeopleTime is weird. 
  28. time
    Two Easy Ways to Feel Like You Have More TimeDeep breaths.
  29. time
    People Who Volunteer Are Happier With Their Work-Life BalanceGiving your time away can have strangely positive consequences.
  30. social psychology
    You Absolutely Do Not Have As Many Hours in the Day As BeyoncéThey’re not wrong. 
  31. mating and dating
    15 Women Explain Why They Dated Men Over 30 (Ew)Inspired by Time
  32. How to Speed Time Up — or Slow It DownTime flies when you’re having fun, and/or doing these incredibly specific things. 
  33. historical moments
    Laverne Cox Is on the Cover of TimeShe’s transgender, black, and on the cover of Time magazine.
  34. whack charts
    This Facebook Marriage-Age Chart Means Basically NothingConclusion: whatever. 
  35. who run the world (women)
    Time’s Top Editor Is a One-Woman Paycheck Fairness ActThank you, Nancy Gibbs. 
  36. sheryl sandberg
    Have You Met Sheryl Sandberg’s Feet Yet?“Don’t hate her because she’s successful.”
  37. putting a fork in 2010
    Who, Aside From Time, Thinks Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Was the No. 1 Fashion Statement of the Year?We don’t.