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Tina Turner

  1. obits
    Celebrities and Musicians Remember Tina TurnerHere’s how the world is paying tribute to the “Queen of Rock and Roll.”
  2. remembrances
    Tina Turner, Queen of the RebrandThe late musician refused to be confined to any single portion of her story.
  3. style
    Revisiting Tina Turner’s Most Fabulous LooksCostume designer Bob Mackie recalls the singer’s iconic style.
  4. power moves
    This Is the Most-Perfect First Date Move in Recorded HistoryTina Turner researched her husband’s full birth chart before demanding that he make love to her.
  5. happy thanksgiving
    22 Famous Beauties Stuffing Their FacesHappy Thanksgiving from women who like food.
  6. domestic abuse
    Tina Turner Says Ex-Husband Broke Her Jaw, Gave Her Third-Degree Burns“Sex with Ike had become an expression of hostility — a kind of rape,” Turner writes in her upcoming memoir.
  7. self respect
    25 Famous Women on RegretsAnd moving on from them.
  8. hairy situations
    The 50 Most Memorable Bangs EverFrom Audrey Tautou to Zooey Deschanel.
  9. The Sexiest Dresses of All TimeOf course Tom Ford is heavily represented.
  10. birthdays yay
    Happy Birthday, Tina Turner! Those legs are 74 years old today.
  11. september issues
    Photos: Joan Smalls Channels Tina Turner in Latest VCarlyne Cerf de Dudzeele styled the photo shoot.
  12. vintage contact sheets
    Vintage Contact Sheet: Tina Turner Shows Off Some Serious MovesNow we know where Beyoncé learned how to dance.
  13. cover girls
    Tina Turner Is Vogue’s New Oldest Cover GirlSurpassing Meryl Streep by eleven years.
  14. say what?
    Halle Berry Says Short Hair Doesn’t Define HerShe’s wrong.
  15. party lines
    ‘When you get older, your life shows on your face.’Why WOULDN’T she ride a pink bicycle to her 68th birthday party?
  16. beauty marks
    Europe Bans Cosmetic Testing on Animals; Lady Gaga’s New Short, Purple HairAlso, guess how many bobby pins they used at the Christian Dior show?
  17. best things ever
    Memorable Moments in Diva Fashion HistoryBeyoncé is making history with her silver hand and car-wash shades, inspiring us to take a look back at the iconic moments in diva fashion history.