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  1. The Best Tinder Profile Is a Well-Balanced HumblebragIt’s about trust, babe.
  2. yup still bad
    Here Are Some Reasons Why Tinder Is Bad (You Know, Besides the Usual Ones)New research proves that men and women swipe and message much, much differently.
  3. who would ryan lochte do
    Ryan Lochte Is Now on TinderJeah!
  4. tinder world domination
    Tinder Wants to Take Over Your Entire Social LifeTinder Social, the app’s group dating feature, is here.
  5. bad dates
    The Leaked Script of Worst Tinder Date EverYikes.
  6. Nursing Home Is Like Tinder for Older PeopleAbout 5 percent of its residents are in relationships.
  7. People Would Rather Catch Pokémon Than Go on DatesBut it also has potential as a dating app.
  8. online harrassment
    Man Faces 3 Years in Jail for Threatening a Woman on FacebookThis could be a major win for those pushing to see greater regulation of online harassment. 
  9. eulogies
    Era of Dudes Posing With Tigers on Tinder Comes to Tragic EndAmid abuse allegations, tigers have been removed from Thailand’s famous Tiger Temple.
  10. getting it
    Stop Telling Single Women How to Find a ManSingleness isn’t a problem to be solved.
  11. mansplaining
    And Now, Men Explaining Why They Send Dick PicsHonestly, we’re still not sure we understand.
  12. sliding into the dms
    Horny Pro Athletes Are Waiting for You to Slide Into Their DMsIf that’s your kind of thing.
  13. today in tinder
    Tinder Awards Scholarship to Woman Punished by Her Sorority for Using the AppThey gave her a paid internship, too.
  14. the sharing economy
    Share Your Tinder Matches With Your Co-workersFinally. What the world was asking for.
  15. it’s complicated
    See Classic ’80s and ’90s Personals Ads From New York MagazineSo many self-described Richard Gere look-alikes.
  16. Please Don’t Vote Just Based on Your Tinder MatchNew campaign slogan: Swipe right for Sanders.
  17. Extremely Persistent Tinder Match Fails to Get Date Using PowerPointUnmatch! Block! Report!
  18. Tinder Will Make It Easier to Share Ridiculous Profiles With FriendsThey think you’ll want to play matchmaker.
  19. tinder tips and tricks
    On Tinder, the Ladies Love Pilots While Men Go for Physical TherapistsMale pilots and female physical therapists are most likely to get a right swipe on Tinder.
  20. getting it
    Tinder Is the New Meet-CuteYour grandchildren will find your online-dating story so adorably quaint.
  21. judgment day
    Tinder Knows Exactly How Desirable You AreThe real question is: Do you want to know?
  22. herstory
    19th-Century Men Were Just As Bad at Flirting As Dudes TodayMeet the Tinder of the 1880s.
  23. ayo technology
    This Robot’s Pretty Bad at Tinder, But I’m Even WorseSo when the time comes, I will gladly let robots take over my love life.
  24. puppies!!!!!!
    Tinder Is the New Dog Park for Single GuysStudies confirm that dogs are right-swipe bait.
  25. can u not
    Man Demands Refund for $5 Coffee After Woman Turns Down Second DateClassy move.
  26. theories
    The Big Secret of Every Dating App: Tech Doesn’t MatterJust like at bars, it’s the crowd that counts.
  27. i’d swipe right
    This Man Is the Human Version of Netflix and ChillAnd your next Halloween costume.
  28. things that are not really subtle at all
    Tinder Would Rather Not Be Mentioned Alongside Chlamydia, Thanks The app developer is demanding an L.A. billboard be taken down.
  29. sex diaries
    The Engaged Teacher With a Nervous FiancéThis week’s sex diary.
  30. innovations
    Tinder Is About to Get Even ThirstierIntroducing the “Super Like.”
  31. dating apps
    Inside the Secret Dating App for Famous PeopleYou’re not invited.
  32. i’m yelling tinder
    Tinder Denies It Is Full of Married PeopleSite is for singles, not swingles.
  33. references
    Here’s a Handy Tinder GlossaryAn explanation of foreign terms from this Vanity Fair story.
  34. sexy time
    Calvin Klein’s Fall Denim Ads Redefine the Meaning of ‘Sex Sells’They finally figured out where people are having sex these days: Tinder.
  35. stars are just like us
    Yes, That’s Really a Celebrity on TinderVerified profiles let us swipe right with confidence.
  36. first person
    What I Learned on Tinder in My Third TrimesterIt was a surprisingly heartwarming experience.
  37. stars! they’re just like us
    It’s Always a Gamble to Right-Swipe on a Celebrity But how can a famous person find love in these Tinder times?
  38. the olds
    New Premium Tinder Is Charging an Old-People TaxAs if dignity wasn’t a high enough price to pay.
  39. dating
    Study: Dudes Are Flooding Dating AppsSixty-two percent of dating-app users are men.
  40. the best a man can get is a beard
    Razor Company With No Stake in the Matter Says Women Don’t Like BeardsA Gillette study on Tinder swipes posits that women don’t like scruff. 
  41. this is exhausting
    Tinder Is About to Become Even More StressfulWith the acquisition of a new dating app, Tappy. 
  42. vigilante tindering
    Start-Up Bro Uses Tinder to Catch a ThiefJustice with a fake profile. 
  43. i’m yelling tinder
    Tinder Is the New Lonely PlanetSwipe right for free tour guides. 
  44. we’re all on tinder
    Tinder Plus Will Offer Long-Awaited Undo Button A tool to right the wrongs.
  45. try a little tinderness
    Would You Actually Pay to Tinder? Money for the swipe right.
  46. try a little tinderness
    Buckingham Palace: Teeming With Tinder HookupsThe queen is “deeply concerned.” 
  47. dating apps
    Why Are Your Married Friends So Into Tinder?It’s a combination of yenta impulses and FOMO.
  48. fun and games
    Hackers Game Tinder for Ultimate GainHack the planet. 
  49. music video
    And Now, a Pop Song About TinderIt’s a romantic duet about love and battery life.
  50. pink-collar jobs
    Why Do We Treat PR Like a Pink Ghetto?The profession remains synonymous with the worst female stereotypes.
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