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  1. money
    Apparently, Tipping Is for OldsA new poll suggests avocado toast isn’t the only thing dividing generations financially.
  2. tips
    It’s Time to Clean Your CoatYou’ve probably been wearing it for 60 consecutive days.
  3. tips
    Hilaria Baldwin Can Do a Headstand in StilettosBut it’s really not that impressive (according to her).
  4. the cut opinion pages
    How to Blow Out a CandleYou must practice patience and honor your self-worth.
  5. celebrities know best
    I Took Pregnancy Advice From Famous PeopleBeing pregnant is so confusing. What do you eat? How much do you vomit? Only a celebrity would know the answer.
  6. dirtbag fashion
    Hot Outside? Try Summer JeansThe trend you’ve been waiting for.
  7. tips
    Here Are Some Tips for Cool-Dad Barack Obama on How to Use His Facebook PageDon’t mess this up, bud.
  8. i am not oprah
    Oprah Finally Reveals How to Achieve Full OprahShe’s into twitter, not Twitter.
  9. tips
    How to Get Out of Any Party ConversationA helpful guide.
  10. tips
    Daniel Craig’s One Weird Trick to Cure HangoversYou’ll never guess whom he learned it from.
  11. wild curls run free
    A (Highly Subjective) Definitive Guide to Curl MaintenanceOne woman offers her hard-won wisdom.
  12. tips
    Robyn’s Karaoke Game Is Highly AccomplishedHer anthem: “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”
  13. tips
    How to Sound Sexy, According to the Women Who Narrate Audiobook EroticaChange out of the yoga pants, and get ready to work on your “velvety” voice.
  14. tips
    163-Point Memo Explains How to Be a Lawyer While FemaleIt is law.