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  1. parenting
    Hoda Kotb Has Adopted Another Baby Girl!She shared the happy news on Today.
  2. ch-ch-ch-changes
    Today Is Bringing in a Female Executive ProducerChange is coming to the morning show.
  3. more sexual harassment allegations
    Two More NBC Staffers File Harassment Complaints After Matt Lauer’s TerminationAt least two more women have come forward.
  4. race
    Rachel Dolezal’s One Regret Is That She Didn’t Identify As Black Sooner“I’m still me, and nothing about that has changed.”
  5. service
    How Not to Interview a Female CEOCourtesy Matt Lauer. 
  6. people who are noted
    Teen Vogue’s Amy Astley Has Some Thoughts on Thank-You Notes“Put in a few sentences about why you loved your Nintendo, or whatever.”
  7. body issues
    Video: Crystal Renn Explains Her Weight Loss on the Today ShowShe recently started an exercise program after seven years recovering from anorexia.