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Tom Florio

  1. ins and outs
    Condé Nast Fired Ex-Elle Publisher Carol SmithShe wasn’t getting along with the foodies she was supposed to be overseeing, sources say.
  2. ins and outs
    Tom Florio Got a Gig at IMGThe position is very vague-sounding.
  3. not in vogue
    Vogue’s Tom Florio Expected to Go Into Entertainment“It could be TV,” he says.
  4. ins and outs
    Condé Nast Stole Elle’s Publisher for Food TitlesShe says food and fashion are basically the same thing.
  5. ins and outs
    Vogue Steals Marie Claire’s PublisherAd losses at ‘Marie Claire’ weren’t nearly as bad as those at ‘Vogue.’
  6. in vogue
    Publisher Keeps ‘Vogue’ Brand on TrendMore so than Anna Wintour.