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  1. celebrity
    What the Hell Is Happening in This Tom Hiddleston Vitamin Commercial?!In which Tom Hiddleston makes you breakfast before ghosting you for several weeks.
  2. hot shot
    Here’s Tom Hiddleston Holding a Puppy Before Taylor Swift’s Album ReleaseHe’s doing fiiiine.
  3. hiddleswift
    Tom Hiddleston Does Not Like Being Asked If He ‘Regrets’ Taylor SwiftPlease stop asking him about it.
  4. i <3 t.s.
    Tom Hiddleston Finally Explains That Taylor Swift Tank TopThe British actor breaks his legendary silence in a GQ profile.
  5. golden globes 2017
    Tom Hiddleston Defends His Self-Congratulatory South Sudan SpeechThe one-time Taylor Swift boyfriend is just doing the best he can.
  6. hot shot
    Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift Photographed Together Once AgainAn unfortunate run-in.
  7. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Seeking Catharsis in Breakup Songs About Hiddleston, Calvin HarrisSometimes it’s hard to “Shake It Off.”
  8. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Might Be Back Together With Tom HiddlestonFans have tracked her plane to London.
  9. Tom Hiddleston Thinks His Relationship With Taylor Swift Was ‘Private,’ SureApparently, all of those paparazzi photos were “unsolicited.”
  10. hot shot
    Tom Hiddleston Caught Deep in Conversation With a DogHiddleston’s canine companions steal the show in his new Gucci ads.
  11. emmys 2016
    Taylor Swift’s Ex Tom Hiddleston Reportedly Got Priyanka Chopra’s NumberTom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra were reportedly “openly flirting” at the Emmys.
  12. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris Reminds Everyone That Taylor Swift Broke Up With Him, TooHe talked to British GQ about it.
  13. the swift pr machine
    Oh My God, Did Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Break Up AlreadyUs Weekly says they did.
  14. AHHHH
    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Had Their First ‘Major Fight,’ AhhhDrama!
  15. good news
    Thank God: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Follow Each Other on InstagramPhew.
  16. the dj calvin harris
    Calvin Harris and Tinashe Caught by PaparazziThere they are!
  17. swift squad
    Imagine Your Life’s Accomplishments Getting Downgraded to ‘Squad Member’Martha Hunt tells the tabloids about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.
  18. true love
    Tom Hiddleston Is ‘Very Happy’ in a Relationship That Is ‘Not a Publicity Stunt’“The truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together and we’re very happy.”
  19. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris Finally Goes Off on Taylor SwiftThis! Is! Drama!
  20. the swift pr machine
    The Craziest Theory About Taylor Swift’s BreakupIt’s all over Calvin Harris’s song “This Is What You Came For.”
  21. the swift pr machine
    Tom Hiddleston Needs to Practice Relationship PRNot great, Tom.
  22. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris’s Breakup Song ‘Ole’ Is HereIt’s definitely about someone. 
  23. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris to Release Song About Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, meanwhile, are wearing matching outfits.
  24. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Reportedly Hired 4th of July PhotogOf course. 
  25. the swift pr machine
    Tom Hiddleston Wears Taylor Swift’s InitialsHe also reportedly had a red heart with a T on his bicep.
  26. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Seek Forgiveness From the Lord AboveThey were spotted at the Vatican today.
  27. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris Poses With Several Human WomenHe says he’s “done” dating celebrities.
  28. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris ‘Astonished’ Over Hiddleswift TripPoor guy.
  29. the swift pr machine
    Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But Maybe This Relationship Was“Hiddleswift” was spotted in Rome. 
  30. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Can’t Stop Wearing Shoes to the BeachIn shoes.
  31. the swift pr machine
    Tom Hiddleston Brought Taylor Swift Home to Dear Old MumKeeping it very Loki.
  32. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Go on a DateLook, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but they POSSIBLY ate $25 Gulf red snapper.
  33. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Dance in PublicThe new couple went on a double date to the Selena Gomez concert.
  34. the swift pr machine
    And Now Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend Is Shirtless in W MagazineTaylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s coordinated PR campaign continues.
  35. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Consciously Uncouple on Twitter and InstagramWe should all probably follow their lead.
  36. checking in
    Calvin Harris Is All Good All GoodHe told TMZ Taylor is “just doin’ her thing.”
  37. the swift pr machine
    Here’s Why Taylor Swift Let the Paparazzi Catch Her Kissing Tom HiddlestonThose paparazzi shots were no accident.
  38. Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Take Over TwitterThe question now: #Hiddleswift or #Swiddleston?
  39. There Are So Many Photos of Taylor Swift Making Out With Tom Hiddleston AHHHJust two weeks after the Calvin Harris breakup.
  40. female gaze
    If You Missed Tom Hiddleston’s Butt on TV, Here It IsAMC edited it out of The Night Manager, for some terrible reason.
  41. Those ‘Feminist’ T-Shirts Might Not Be So FeministThere are allegations they were made in sweatshops.
  42. q&a
    The Vampire Costumes of Only Lovers Left AliveThe film’s costume designer talks mood boards and Tilda Swinton.
  43. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Tom Hiddleston, Loki’s Dashing TwinHe looks good without those enormous horns.