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  1. spider-couple
    A Brief History of Zendaya and Tom Holland Flirting PubliclyZendaya just publicly referred to her “boyfriend” for the first time.
  2. celebrity
    Amy Schumer’s Mental-Health Parody Did Not Go Over WellShe has since clarified that she did not intend to mock Tom Holland.
  3. rumors
    No, Zendaya Is Not PregnantTikTok yet again manages to spread chaos and misinformation.
  4. parties!
    The Bestest Party Looks of the WeekI want to be a Haim sister so bad!
  5. why?
    Emmy Rossum Playing Tom Holland’s Mom Will Break MeThey’re less than ten years apart in age.
  6. celebrity
    Zendaya and Tom Holland Are the Gift That Keeps on GivingThey wore matching jerseys to a hockey game. I weep!
  7. celebrity
    Let Tom Holland Be on EuphoriaCC: Zendaya.
  8. awards season
    Tom Holland Is Coming for That Oscar… Host“Of course I would host the f—ing Oscars!”
  9. give me chaos
    What’s Behind Our Thirst for Roman Roy?Enter the era of the chaos goblin.
  10. spider-man
    This Sparks JoyTom Holland and Zendaya posed for photos together, and I am much too happy about it.
  11. i don’t know her
    Does Gwyneth Paltrow Even Know Her Co-Stars?Sebastian Stan is the latest Marvel actor to say Paltrow doesn’t remember him.
  12. spider-couple
    No, Zendaya and Tom Holland Are Not DatingThey addressed dating rumors on Twitter.