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  1. culture
    Pamela Anderson Found Pam & Tommy ‘Crushing’The actress called the Hulu series “salt on the wound.”
  2. celebrity
    Pamela Anderson Will ‘Tell the Real Story’ in a New Netflix DocShe said she’s “not a victim, but a survivor” in an Instagram post announcing the project.
  3. sure why not
    Sebastian Stan and His Literal Balls of SteelThe Pam & Tommy star had an interesting way of getting into character.
  4. based on a true story
    Are You Ready for Lily James As Pamela Anderson?The Pam & Tommy trailer is fun and depressing at the same time.
  5. the cut podcast
    The Lovers, From TabloidOn this week’s episode, how Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape forever changed celebrity culture.
  6. celebrity kin
    Pamela Anderson’s Son Fronts Saint Laurent CampaignYour move, Brooklyn Beckham.
  7. smut studies
    The Death of the Celebrity Sex Tape How Kim Kardashian’s co-star became a relic.