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  1. met gala 2022
    So What Exactly Do They Eat at the Met Gala?Chef Melissa King on planning the first course, adhering to the night’s theme, and walking the red carpet in Thom Browne.
  2. trailblazers
    Proof You Should Always Ignore Bad Career Advice From MenA man once told Melissa King that women don’t belong in professional kitchens. Now, she’s a Top Chef.
  3. getting ready with
    How Padma Lakshmi Got Ready, and Un-Ready, for the EmmysThe Top Chef host had a very responsible night.
  4. family separation policy
    Padma Lakshmi Writes About Immigrant Children Being Torn From Their Parents“I could be that child, pulled from her mother’s arms by strangers, screaming in agony, confusion and terror.”
  5. they seem cool
    The Top Chef Winner With Impeccable TasteMeet Kristen Kish
  6. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Top Chef Host Padma LakshmiThe Top Chef host on using hot plates in hotel rooms, her new makeup collection, and advocating for women’s health.
  7. top chef
    Does This Beauty Trend Remind You of Top Chef?It’s a swoop of sauce … for your eyelids.
  8. boston
    The ‘Top Chef’ Teamsters Trial Is Extremely BostonFour Teamsters are being charged with trying to extort jobs from the Bravo reality show in 2014.
  9. wellness theories
    Padma Lakshmi on Top Chef Weight Gain and Wellness“It’s okay if I’m a size bigger, because my intellectual growth is more important to me than the size of my jeans.”
  10. tastemakers
    Padma Lakshmi’s Spring Collection Is a Little Bit Tribal, a Little Bit CherThe Top Chef host talks about the all-star season, baubles, and her upcoming food memoir.
  11. Padma Lakshmi Is a ‘Happy Little Sorceress,’ Designing Jewelry and Making Massage OilThe ‘Top Chef’ doyenne on her latest jewelry collection, why she dreams of opening a general store, and the best cheftestant meal ever.
  12. showdowns
    Heidi Klum to Take On Padma Lakshmi at Emmy Awards’Project Runway’ and ‘Top Chef’ were both nominated in the reality-competition category.
  13. first looks
    Padma Does Many Things, and Apparently Now JewelryToday the ‘Top Chef’ host launches a jewelry collection with a heavy Indian influence.
  14. loose threads
    All-Black Italian ‘Vogue’ in the Works? Carla Bruni for Asda?Italian ‘Vogue’ has an issue with only black models in the works, Asda wants Carla Bruni to model for them, and Christian Lacroix’s doing interior design in Dubai.
  15. style scrapbook
    ‘Project Runway’ Contestants Party, Fight, KaraokeThe March issue of Elle has a tiny tear-out Project Runway insert, in which the best bit of information is what we didn’t see on camera. In sum: • Jack is now dating Top Chef contestant Dan Lewitski, whom he met on MySpace. • Sweet P, Kit, and Jillian had house parties in their room with — gasp! — beer and cigarettes.