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  1. birthdays
    Happy 50th Birthday, Elle Macpherson!“The Body” hits a milestone tomorrow.
  2. wanna be in jail
    Top Model’s Rob Evans Turned Himself In to PolicePaid $60,000, went home.
  3. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: The Sexiness MatrixIn which the girls ride horses and embrace enormous perfume bottles.
  4. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Jamaica’n Me CrazyIn which Tyra reenacts an iconic moment from cycles past.
  5. wanna be on top
    Arrest Warrant Out for Top Model Judge Rob EvansAnd not just because he’s criminally attractive.
  6. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Handcuffs and Go-SeesIn which the girls run around Los Angeles and wind up in jail.
  7. wanna be on top
    Top Model Cycle Twenty to Include Men Oh boy.
  8. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Cockroaches, Pizza, and ToiletsA “method modeling” challenge has the girls licking floors, chugging milk, and pretending to vomit.
  9. paris fashion week
    Miss J on the Finer Points of Wardrobe Malfunctions at Fátima Lopes“Like, one girl’s boob did pop out.”
  10. wanna be on top
    America’s Next Top Model Recap: Girls on FireAlicia Keys makes (almost) everything better.
  11. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: It’s Makeover Week!Kelly Cutrone tells Maria she’s “committed to defending mediocrity.”
  12. what happens in vegas
    Prince Harry Is Bryanboy’s ‘Dark Ginger’“I mean I’m really surprised because I used to be all about Prince William.”
  13. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks Can Actually Make Up New Words on the SpotLike “breatiful,” “whooshed,” and “moodled.”
  14. wanna be on top
    You Guys, Tyra Banks and P’Trique Made a Top Model Trailer!It’s totes amaze!
  15. wanna be on top
    Top Model Books Tyler Perry, Alicia KeysThey’ll both cameo on cycle nineteen.
  16. wanna be on top
    Count the Photoshop Blunders in This Terrible New Top Model AdOne, two, three … keep going.
  17. wanna be on top
    The Cast of Top Model Is So Happy TogetherReally! Promise!
  18. wanna be on top
    Bryanboy on Top Model: ‘I Threw a Paper at a Girl’And he made the other ones cry.
  19. wanna be on top
    You Are the Fourth Top Model Judge, Not BryanboyIt appears that he’s doing crowd control for the social media fans.
  20. loose threads
    Pamela Love Gives a Design Studio Tour; Top Model Crowns New WinnerPlus, an Hermès–decorated apartment, J.Crew’s profits soar, and more fashion news.
  21. wanna be on top
    Tyra’s Making the Most of New Top Model Judge Rob Evans AlreadyYes, that means she’s got him in a photo shoot, nearly naked. Well played, Ms. Banks.
  22. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks on Top Model’s Triple EliminationBut they’re all “a family,” so the fun will never “end”!
  23. loose threads
    Urban Outfitters’ Jewish Star Tee; Beckham’s CarPlus, more Top Model rejection reactions.
  24. wanna be on top
    ANTM Recap: What Happened to Angelea?Surely that’s the question on all Top Model fans’ lips today.
  25. feuds
    Janice Dickinson Now Says Top Model ‘Is Rigged’Oh.
  26. wanna be on top (of the dating game)
    Top Model Winner Whitney Thompson Launched a Dating SiteIt’s catering to plus-size women and their would-be admirers.
  27. wanna be on top (of the world)
    Top Model’s Next Season Will Reportedly Be U.S. Versus U.K.This means more accents for Tyra to imitate (badly) at panel time.
  28. wanna be on top
    Top Model’s Fatima Siad Walked in the Hermès Show TooAnd that’s two more high-end runway appearances than, well, all her fellow ‘Top Model’ alumnae combined.