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Totally Kind Of Hot

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    Marc Maron Is … Totally Kind of Hot?Especially on Glow.
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    Sam Rockwell Is … Totally Kind of Hot?“He definitely seems like a murderer with a heart of gold, which I love.”
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    Beto O’Rourke Is Officially Running for Totally Kind of HotBut can he win?
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    The Grinch Is … Totally Kind of Hot?His heart is an empty hole.
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    Bobby Cannavale Is Objectively a Sex Symbol*Kisses fingertips like a horny Italian chef.*
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    Oleg From The Americans Is … Totally Kind of Hot?Three Cut staffers discuss Oleg Burov, played by Costa Ronin, as the Cold War spy drama comes close to its end.
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    Jason Mantzoukas Is … Totally Kind of Hot?Three Cut staffers discuss how Jason Mantzoukas, of The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is totally kind of hot.
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    Bill Hader Is … Totally Kind of Hot?The Cut staff discusses Barry, their Bill Hader fanfic, and whether they’re turned on by Stefon (they are).