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Totally Soaked

  1. totally soaked
    It’s Official, This Is the Horniest Song of SummerIt immediately communicates “I want to bang.”
  2. the cut shop
    It’s Always Horny Week If You Wear This T-ShirtIt wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.
  3. over easy
    When a Horny Meal Goes WrongLearning to shuck oysters in the office kitchen.
  4. totally soaked
    5 People on Their Most Regrettable Horny MomentsSometimes the sexpot inside makes truly stupid decisions.
  5. totally soaked
    13 Things to Say to Get Her Totally SoakedTurn her on with a few simple words.
  6. totally soaked
    The Lioness on the Cheese Grater: History’s Most Mysterious Sex PositionIn 411 BCE, people were apparently doing a thing called “the lioness on the cheese grater.” What … is it?
  7. totally soaked
    The Horniest Historical Dramas on Netflix, RankedFrom Marie Antoinette to Anna Karenina, nothing’s hornier than forbidden love.
  8. totally soaked
    Get in the Mood With Our Horniest Stories of All TimeWe’ve been busy.
  9. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Horny Week EditionFrom the ice-bath scene in Stick It to Prince Charles’s Tampongate, 11 writers share the horny pop-culture moments that have stayed with them.
  10. totally soaked
    It’s Time to Admit Water Sex SucksWe don’t need to keep doing this to ourselves.
  11. totally soaked
    The 10 Horniest Men in LiteratureAn objective list.
  12. totally soaked
    Just 50 Horny Photos of Bruce SpringsteenAnd then 50 more.
  13. totally soaked
    18 Women on the Very Specific Things That Make Them HornyFor Totally Soaked, a week dedicated to summer horniness, women talk about turn-ons from smells to TV shows to libraries.