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  1. the future
    In the Future, You Can Make Out AnywhereI predict a joyful PDA boom.
  2. the future
    Long Live HugsMay I never take them for granted again.
  3. where’s the party?
    Are You Ready to Be Touched?Reintroducing the thrill of casual physical contact.
  4. science of us
    A Case for Giving Brief, Imperfect MassagesThey’re good for pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, sadness, loneliness, despair…
  5. family separation policy
    The Lasting Damage of Depriving a Child of Human TouchAt detention centers along the border, workers are forbidden from hugging or physically soothing traumatized children.
  6. sex dolls
    Turns Out a Sex-Doll-Rental Service Isn’t a Good Idea After AllA Chinese sex-doll-rental service was recently banned for being a “bad influence on society” — but what about the GERMS?
  7. These Are the People Most Likely to Get the Chills From Sad MusicIt’s called “frisson,” or “skin orgasms.”
  8. The People Who Store Their Emotions in Their FingertipsWith tactile-emotional synesthesia, just touching fabric is enough to trigger extreme sadness or disgust.
  9. the senses
    Touch May Be the Least Understood SenseVision and hearing get all the attention. 
  10. touching story
    Visiting the Snuggery, Where You Get Cuddled for Cash“People come when they’re going through a divorce or breakup,” the owner says.