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  1. barbie movie
    Suddenly Everyone Wants AllanResale prices for Ken’s discontinued bestie have reportedly skyrocketed since Barbie’s release.
  2. plastic
    The Girls’ Guide to the BarbieverseMattel’s vast valley of the dolls stretches way beyond Barbie.
  3. barbie
    I’m a Barbie BoyI was ashamed of finding joy in femininity as a kid. Barbiemania has helped me let that all go.
  4. llamas
    Unicorns Will Not Be DethronedEspecially by the likes of llamas.
  5. toys
    What Is Trumpy Bear, and Why?We know you’re wondering.
  6. lego
    Lego Is the Perfect ToyEven if no one can really agree on what kind of toy it is anymore.
  7. body positivity
    Misty Copeland Has Her Own Barbie Doll“She has muscles and calves and thighs and a bust.”
  8. new things
    M.A.C Wants You to Look Like a TrollThe toy kind.
  9. What Child Doesn’t Need a Tiny Toy Tesla?When your remote-control Prius isn’t enough of a status symbol.
  10. body positivity
    Barbie Inches Closer to RealityShe’ll come in three new sizes: curvy, tall, and petite.
  11. gift guide 2015
    48 Adorable Gifts for KidsToys they’ll want to play with and clothes you’ll want to dress them up in.
  12. developmental psychology
    What the Science Says About Kids and Gender-Labeled ToysTarget’s decision to remove boy-girl labeling shouldn’t be controversial, according to the research. 
  13. Target Steps Into Gender-Neutral FutureToys for everyone!
  14. gift guide
    Don’t Forget the Little Ones: 40 Holiday Gifts for KidsIncluding a life-size stuffed tiger, leopard-print onesies for punk-rock babies, and an inflatable backyard skating rink.
  15. color war
    What’s the Problem With Pink, Anyway?But when we treat pink — and the girls who like it — with condescension, what are we really saying?
  16. girls
    GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys SettleWell, that’s settled. 
  17. toys
    Marks & Spencer Will Stop Organizing Its Toys by GenderAll the toys for all the little girls and little boys. 
  18. dubious makeovers
    Tamagotchis Are Back, and Way GlitzyFrom dino eggs to diamonds.
  19. Adorable Toy Company GoldieBlox Sues the Beastie BoysAfter the band threatens copyright infringement.
  20. toys
    Barbie’s Still So LucrativeWay more lucrative than feminism.
  21. body image
    Girls and Body Image: Why Barbie’s Not SellingThey all possess ultra-thin body frames.
  22. quotable
    Jason Wu Had 150 Dolls, Hoarded Barbies“I used them for hairstyling.”
  23. sexist toys
    Surprise! Girls Like Legos, TooNew line aimed at girls gives company its best year ever.
  24. toys
    Bid on Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington DollsWhy are these not mass-produced?
  25. cult of personality
    Get Your Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear for Just $1,500!We’d say it’s almost a perfect likeness of the Kaiser, though it unfortunately lacks his fingerless gloves.