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  1. wellness
    Trainer Tracy Anderson Is Getting Her Own Radio ShowIt’s going to be “empowering.”
  2. party lines
    Tracy Anderson Defends Lena Dunham’s Weight-Loss Instagram Post“She is a living angel in this world.”
  3. wellness
    25 Famous Women on ExerciseTracy Anderson, Kerry Washington, Betty White, and more on workouts they love (and hate).
  4. cruel and unusual punishment
    This Is How Gwyneth Paltrow Tortures Her TrainerTracy Anderson admits she hates training Gwyneth Paltrow.
  5. outright lies
    No, Walking Isn’t a Better Workout Than RunningTracy Anderson seems to think so.
  6. swellness
    Tracy Anderson on Wellness Lies“People want a quick fix. They want magic.”
  7. wellness theories
    Molly Sims on Blood-Type Diets and Dealing With Uncertainty“I crave protein; it’s literally what I need for my O-negative blood type.”
  8. wellness theories
    Tracy Anderson on Your Wimpy Fitness Excuses“People need to learn to take care of that little tiny kid inside of them and learn how to put their adult diapers on and show up for their health.”
  9. Celeb Fitness Studio Sued For Vibrating BuildingTracy Anderson is very, very strong. Tribeca residents are very, very angry.
  10. goop
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Food Company Will Be WeirdThere will be kale, oh yes, there will be kale.
  11. party pics
    Gwyneth Paltrow Partied in a Crop Top With Tracy Anderson Plus, pictures of Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, multiple Jenners, and more at this week’s parties.
  12. party pics
    Kourtney Kardashian, Alec Baldwin, and More Partied in the Hamptons This WeekPlus Joshua Jackson, Rose McGowan, and more highlights from this week’s parties.
  13. what is this?
    Tracy Anderson Talks About Cardio Like It’s FateMultitudes contained within GOOP’s “Spring Break Prep” article.
  14. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: When Fashion Week Feels Like 90210The Red Dress Collection show’s vibe is very “country club charity gala.”
  15. lab rat
    Can a Body Lotion Give Me Gwyneth’s Legs?Gwyneth’s other leg secret (apart from the daily, punishing, two-hour gym routine).
  16. posh knows best
    Of Course Victoria Beckham Has a Pink Christmas TreeBecause, why not?
  17. oh em gwyneth
    Gwyneth and Tracy Anderson Have a Goopy, Feel-Good New Exercise ShowTears, hugs, and fat-burning.
  18. the hit list
    20 Need-to-Know Moments From London Fashion WeekCara D’s back in action, Burberry’s raining rose petals, and everything else from the (long) weekend that was.
  19. party chat
    Tracy Anderson on Lena Dunham’s Body, Kim Kardashian’s Baby“I knew she was going to be a great mom when I trained her during pregnancy.”
  20. just butts
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s So-Called ‘Long Butt’: What?Tracy Anderson describes her client’s “outer thigh problems.”
  21. friends in high places
    Tracy Anderson Makes Groin-Displaying Leggings NowWith Gwyneth Paltrow’s blessing, of course.
  22. gooped
    Gwyneth Paltrow Allows Herself One Cigarette Per WeekBut no Botox.
  23. friends in high places
    When Did Gwyneth Paltrow Film That Rap With Cameron Diaz?Cameron appears to be in sweats, while Gwyneth’s all dressed up.
  24. look of the day
    Gwyneth Paltrow Was a Walking AdvertisementShe showed off her legs at an event for trainer Tracy Anderson.
  25. models who have given birth
    Karolina Kurkova Explains Her Post-Baby Body May Not Be the Product of MagicShe dieted and exercised. Imagine!
  26. look of the day
    Tracy Anderson Ditches the Workout Gear and Gets FancyJudge her in the Look of the Day.
  27. crazy fitness people
    Madonna Is Tired of Tracy Anderson’s Awkward AerobicsCue depleted interest across the nation.
  28. body issues
    Tracy Anderson No Longer Trains MadonnaIt’s the beginning of the end.
  29. party report
    Tracy Anderson on How to Get Madonna’s Arms: Gyrate — and Eat Carbs, If You WantThe famed trainer revealed a few of her secrets at Fashion’s Night Out.
  30. anna will save the economy
    Tracy Anderson Is Coming to Fashion’s Night Out!And giving exercise demonstrations!
  31. body issues
    Tracy Anderson Doesn’t Let Madonna Run or Do YogaDidn’t you know? Running will give you an “ugly butt.”