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Tracy Feith

  1. what to expect when you’re expecting fashion
    Today at Fashion Week: New Designers and Celebrity OffspringEverything you need to know about what’s happening.
  2. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama’s Memorial Day FloralsThe First Lady made a quick change between events.
  3. possible comebacks
    Tracy Feith Works for Toms Shoes NowOh, look, he’s back.
  4. targeted
    Target Is Reviving Designs From Their Best Designer CollectionsSometimes the best new ideas are old ideas.
  5. loose threads
    Tracy Feith Owes a Lot of Money; Chanel Tones Down Its Pre-Fall Metiers D’Arts ShowAlso, Japan Fashion Week was smaller than usual this year.
  6. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Went Farming in Tracy FeithShe’s clearly a fan of fall’s fifties silhouettes.
  7. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Piles On the PastelsEven the First Lady of Russia, Svetlana Medvedeva, got in on the pastel action.
  8. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Wears Floral, Lace to LuauAnd a lei, of course.
  9. targeted
    Tracy Feith to Do Target CollectionExpect about 60 sun- and surf-inspired styles and Feith’s signature prints.