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  1. celebrity
    Meryl Streep Is Trademarking Her NameAccording to TMZ.
  2. keeping up with the kardashians
    Blac Chyna Is Officially Blocked From Trademarking the Name ‘Angela Kardashian’Plus: Are Blac Chyna and Rob back together or what?
  3. ultimate fighting words
    Ronda Rousey Files Trademark for Trash Talk A diss you can wear.
  4. check mate
    Louis Vuitton Lost Its Checkerboard Trademark CaseA court dismissed the design as “basic and banal.”
  5. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Trademarks Her Name, Hints at MarathonAll for charity, of course.
  6. slash jobs
    Sorry, You Can’t Make Cara Delevingne Brand ProductsThis includes canes.
  7. red sole rage
    YSL Files Motion to Dismiss Louboutin CaseYep, this is still going on.
  8. a rare post on sports
    Anthony Davis Takes Unibrow Pride to New LevelsHe’s trademarking his eyebrow catchphrases.
  9. shoedown
    Louboutin’s Red Sole Trademark Case Might Have Legs AgainThe designer appeared in court yesterday.
  10. backlashes
    Urban Outfitters in Trouble for Selling ‘Navajo’ UnderwearIt’s illegal for them to use the term, for several different reasons.