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  1. nightmares
    183 Passengers Were Stranded on a Train for Over 30 Hours!!!An Amtrak train hit a tree on the tracks Sunday evening and was stranded until Tuesday morning.
  2. infrastructure
    Unacceptable: Japanese Train Leaves Station 25 Seconds EarlyA travesty.
  3. now smell this
    Your Favorite French Perfume Might Be Unavailable for a Very Weird ReasonWhat if there were no more Chanel No. 5?
  4. everyday sexism
    This Railway Company Just Blasted Women for Applying Makeup on Its TrainsThis is ridiculous.
  5. can u not
    Here’s How to Make Running a Marathon Even More God-awfulAdd a slow-moving train.
  6. big things
    Oprah Plays With Proportions Again, Looks AwesomeLong trains and mini Jimmy Kimmel = supermodel stature.
  7. etiquette
    If You Must Cheat, Cheat QuietlyOr you will get shamed on social media.