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  1. model tracker
    Tranny Models Who Made HistoryCan tranny models make it big? We found four who have.
  2. model tracker
    Video: Transgender ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Speaks, Works ItWe have oodles of video footage of the first ‘ANTM’ transgender contestant “working it.”
  3. dress code
    Confessions of a Cross-dresserBeing a straight cross-dresser isn’t easy for one 23-year-old Brit, especially because he’s about to move in with his girlfriend of two years who has no idea how much he likes high heels.
  4. loose threads
    Tom Ford Spreads; High Fashion Excludes Big BreastsTom Ford heads to Asia for retail, Stella McCartney heads to India for fashion and tigers, and Mary J. Blige heads to Long Island for a concert and lawsuit.