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Trans Visibility

  1. power
    What We Know About the Death of Nonbinary Teen Nex BenedictPolice released body-camera footage in which the 16-year-old explains what sparked a fight in the school bathroom.
  2. power
    Police Give Update on Oklahoma Nonbinary Student’s DeathThey say a preliminary report shows 16-year-old Nex Benedict “did not die as a result of trauma” from an alleged assault at school.
  3. advice
    ‘What Helped Me Through My Transition’Janet Mock, Emira D’Spain, and 13 others share the advice, wisdom, and support that guided them.
  4. first person
    What Coming Out As Transgender Taught Me About Parenting“You can’t make a kid trans, but you can make them feel safe being themselves.”
  5. parenting
    The Transgender Family Handbook144 specific suggestions, from trans young people and their loved ones, that parents may find helpful.
  6. uh oh
    Caitlyn Jenner Is Joining Fox NewsSteel yourself.
  7. power
    Gia Love Is Making Others See What She Once Couldn’tThe model and Black trans activist found self-love and acceptance through her community — now she’s returning the favor.
  8. meet the new
    Two Longtime Friends Making Revolutionary UnderwearUrbody was created with trans and nonbinary people in mind.
  9. culture
    Filmmaker Isabel Sandoval Celebrates Transfeminine SplendorHer latest film, Lingua Franca, tells a story of trans identity with sensuality and nuance.
  10. the bigger picture
    Gender Dysphoria / Gender EuphoriaPortraits by — and for — the trans and nonbinary community.