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Transgender Issues

  1. lawsuits
    Baker Who Refused Cake to Gay Couple Is Still Refusing CakesJack Phillips is suing the state of Colorado for being sanctioned after discriminating against a transgender woman.
  2. bullies
    Middle School Closed for Safety Concerns After Adults Threaten Transgender GirlAn Oklahoma middle school closed down for two days after multiple parents threatened a transgender girl with violence.
  3. transitions
    ‘Mallory Is Not Gone’: Daniel Mallory Ortberg on Coming Out As TransThe beloved internet writer talks to Heather Havrilesky about his new identity.
  4. justice
    When Walking While Trans Is a CrimeThe NYPD says it’s taking a more sensitive approach to sex work, but not everyone benefits.
  5. first person
    TransitionMy surgeries were a bridge across realities, a spirit customizing its vessel to reflect its nature.
  6. transgender issues
    When a Trans Woman Defends Herself and the Video Goes ViralTwenty months after Merci Chrisette’s “Subway Slasher” video became a sensation, she’s facing up to five years in prison.
  7. gallery
    Painting Lost Transgender HeroesArtist Ria Brodell depicts pioneers throughout history.
  8. science of us
    Why It’s So Hard for Doctors to Learn About Transgender Health IssuesThe history of a long-standing gap in medical education.
  9. transgender issues
    Model Teddy Quinlivan Comes out as TransgenderShe told CNN she decided to come out because of the political climate in the United States.
  10. The ACLU Is Suing the Trump Administration Over Its Ban on Transgender TroopsThe suit claims the ban violates the equal-protection clause of the Constitution.
  11. bathrooms
    German Engineers Want to Bring Gender Equality to Toilets With the Female UrinalWomen aren’t convinced.
  12. Police Departments Say They’ll Welcome Transgender TroopsIf transgender troops are kicked out of the military, police departments across the country say they’ll step in.
  13. gallery
    See Britain’s Largest-Ever LGBT Art ShowIt marks the 50th anniversary of the U.K.’s Sexual Offenses Act.
  14. politics
    Almost 50 Senators Urge Defense Secretary Not to Implement Ban on Trans TroopsSenator Kirsten Gillibrand penned a letter to Defense Secretary Mattis asking him not to go through with the ban.
  15. politics
    Jeff Sessions Says He’ll Crack Down on Hate Crimes Against Transgender WomenHe was addressing federal prosecutors at a hate-crimes summit in Washington.
  16. lgbtq rights
    Chelsea Manning Says Hormone Therapy Was ‘Literally What Kept Me Alive’In her first TV interview, Chelsea Manning talked about receiving hormone therapy in prison and what drove her to release classified documents.
  17. caitlyn jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner Confirms She’s Had Her ‘Final’ Sex-Reassignment SurgeryShe appeared on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer Friday night.
  18. transgender issues
    This Teen Is Suing His High School Over Sharing a Bathroom With a Trans StudentThe suit claims the boy was “emotionally harmed” by sharing a bathroom with a trans student.
  19. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Landmark Transgender Rights CaseGavin Grimm’s case was sent back to a lower court.
  20. An LGBTQ Suicide-Hotline Volunteer on Talking to Trans Youth in Trump’s America“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it makes such a difference for them to just have a safe place to talk.”
  21. transgender rights
    Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Donald Trump in Message for Trans Youth“I have a message for the trans kids of America. You are winning.”
  22. lgbtq rights
    8-Year-Old Trans Boy Perfectly Sums Up Why He Wants to Be a Boy ScoutAfter he was asked to leave his Cub Scout pack.
  23. politics
    A Shocking Number of Transgender Americans Are Afraid to Use Public RestroomsAccording to a groundbreaking new survey.
  24. identity politics
    Watch Secret Deodorant’s Groundbreaking Ad Featuring a Transgender Woman“There’s no wrong way to be a woman.”
  25. Pentagon Lifts Ban on Transgender Military MembersDefense Secretary Ashton Carter said transgender service members can serve openly, “effective immediately.”
  26. transgender rights
    Court Won’t Change Virginia Transgender RulingThe ruling was the first to find transgender students are protected under Title IX.
  27. economics
    Insurance Companies Can’t Afford Not to Cover Transgender PatientsDenying care makes no economic sense.
  28. Trans Swimwear Coming SoonBeachwear gets a bit more bearable.
  29. Makers of Period Panties Introduce Version for Trans MenTrans model and artist Sawyer Devuyst introduces the new line in a moving video. 
  30. caitlyn jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner’s Name-Change Is Official-OfficialA California judge approved her request to legally change her name and gender.
  31. Activists Say Transgender Killings Are RisingThere have been 17 reported murders thus far this year.
  32. violence
    10 Trans Women Have Been Murdered in the U.S. This YearIncluding India Clarke, who was found beaten to death in Tampa earlier this week.
  33. big words
    Wait, Cisgender Wasn’t in the Oxford English Dictionary Already?It’s a surprise to see it among gimmicky additions like sext and half-ass.
  34. rights
    Report: Trans Students Mistreated in NY Schools Even after a 2010 nondiscrimination act, schools often fail to accommodate trans and gender-nonconforming students.
  35. love and war
    Simply Acknowledging Trans People Isn’t EnoughOutrage over a Times story.
  36. transgender issues
    How Transgender People Choose Their New NamesThere are as many stories behind name changes as there are people who’ve changed them. 
  37. beauty standards
    Read Laverne Cox’s Essay About Caitlyn Jenner and Trans Beauty Standards “Most trans folks don’t have the privileges Caitlyn and I now have.”
  38. watch
    This Child Knows More About Transgender Rights Than Most AdultsAnd is also adorable.
  39. andrej pejic inc
    Q&A: Andrej Pejic on a New Jewelry Line and Life Beyond ModelingThe androgynous model has a bright future.
  40. models with causes
    Transgender Model Geena Rocero on Her TED Talk“Eventually, I want to be the first transgender ambassador of the U.N.”