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Transgender Rights

  1. WATCH: The World’s First Transgender Doll Is Modeled After This TeenagerAnd it’s inspired by a 16-year-old.
  2. politics
    Read Janet Mock’s Powerful Letter to Transgender Students“I just want you to remember that this is your school too.”
  3. transgender rights
    Trump Administration Revokes Guidelines Aimed at Protecting Transgender StudentsThe previous guidelines under the Obama administration ensured that transgender students had a right to use the bathroom of their choice.
  4. politics
    The Trump Administration Can’t Agree on Treatment of Transgender StudentsSecretary of Education Betsy DeVos is hesitant to rescind Obama’s guidelines.
  5. Trump Will Issue New Guidelines on Treatment of Transgender Students“The president has maintained for a long time that this is a states’-rights issue and not one for the federal government.”
  6. grammys 2017
    Laverne Cox Highlighted This Supreme Court Case at the GrammysGavin Grimm, a transgender teen from Virginia, is suing after his school board voted against allowing him to use the bathroom of his choice.
  7. Texas Mayor Is the State’s First Openly Trans Person to Serve in Elected OfficeJess Herbst has been New Hope’s mayor since May.
  8. Boy Scouts Will Start Allowing Transgender Children to JoinIt will now accept members based on the gender listed on their applications.
  9. social psychology
    Can Looking at Photos of Trans People Help Reduce Prejudice?A new study offers mixed results, but helps researchers chip away at some key questions about how to improve intergroup relations.
  10. women’s march 2017
    Read Janet Mock’s Women’s March Speech on Trans Women of Color and Sex WorkersFrom the Women’s March: “I stand here today most of all because I am my sister’s keeper.”
  11. gender dysphoria
    You Should Watch the BBC’s Controversial Documentary on Gender DysphoriaIt offers one of the most nuanced, thoughtful examinations of a complicated subject yet, partly by speaking to people others have ignored.
  12. politics
    At Least 3 Anti-Trans Bills Were Proposed Just This WeekAnother year, another slew of transphobic bathroom bills.
  13. transgender rights
    Virginia Is Debating an Extremely Dangerous Anti-Trans Bathroom BillIt isn’t an exaggeration to say that this could be deadly for trans kids with unsupportive families.
  14. transgender rights
    Here’s a Huge New Survey of Transgender AmericansIt reveals, unsurprisingly, that many trans people in the United States face all sorts of trauma and challenges every day.
  15. transgender rights
    Two Prominent Trans Activists Give Advice to Teens in Trump’s AmericaFrom activists Buck Angel and Janet Mock.
  16. This Minnesota Mom Is Suing Her Transgender Teen for Seeking Gender ReassignmentShe’s challenging a law that lets emancipated minors make their own health decisions.
  17. Here’s How Parents of Transgender Youth Are Fighting for Equality Post-ElectionThe Parents for Transgender Equality Council wants to help change minds.
  18. Laverne Cox on What Made Her Apprehensive About the Rocky Horror RemakeIt’s one of Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s songs.
  19. emmys 2016
    Jeffrey Tambor Would Be Happy If He Were the Last Cis Male to Play a Trans WomanHe celebrated the transgender community in his moving acceptance speech.
  20. Transgender Activist Sarah McBride Defined ‘American’ at Opening CeremonyShe says “American” is an ideal.
  21. lgbt rights
    Most Americans Are in Favor of Laws Protecting LGBT PeopleYes, even Republicans.
  22. transgender rights
    Rule Gives Transgender People Bathroom AccessThe Obama administration will enact the rule this week.
  23. transgender rights
    A Transgender Woman Made History at the DNCSarah McBride became the first transgender woman to address a national convention when she spoke at the DNC.
  24. transgender rights
    A Genderqueer Activist on Transgender Bathroom BillsJacob Tobia wants to do away with gender-specific restrooms altogether. 
  25. video
    Powerful Bathroom Facts From Trans ActivistsFact: More U.S. senators have been arrested for misconduct in bathrooms than trans people.
  26. horrible things
    LGBT People Most Frequent Targets of Hate CrimesWell before Orlando, this was the case.
  27. gender
    Oregon Allows Person to Legally Declare As Neither GenderA petition to be classified as a nonbinary was passed in the state.
  28. transgender rights
    New York City Launches Ad Campaign for Transgender Bathroom RightsSigns on streets and in subways will encourage New Yorkers to “Look Past Pink and Blue.”
  29. opinions no one asked for
    Of Course Stacey Dash’s Opinion on Bathroom Laws Is BadShe thinks transgender people should “go in the bushes.”
  30. transgender rights
    Court Won’t Change Virginia Transgender RulingThe ruling was the first to find transgender students are protected under Title IX.
  31. lgbt rights
    Oklahoma’s Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill Rightfully BackfiredFor now, this fight is over.
  32. transgender rights
    First Transgender Woman Elected in PhilippinesIt’s a historic victory. 
  33. love and war
    Hillary Clinton Supports Attacked Trans Woman“I’m so sorry that you experienced this.”
  34. horrible things
    Why Men Are Invading the Women’s Restrooms at TargetMore than 1 million people are protesting the store’s support of equal rights.
  35. video
    Caitlyn Jenner Filmed Herself Using Donald Trump’s Bathroom“Ted: Nobody got molested.”
  36. transgender rights
    Caitlyn Jenner: Ted Cruz Should Think About Trans Kids in Restrooms“The issue isn’t about men being in women’s restrooms, okay?”
  37. can u not
    Cruz: Trans People Shouldn’t Use Public ToiletsThat’s … interesting.
  38. game changers
    The Trans Athlete Behind the Olympic Committee’s New Gender PolicyChris Mosier’s success is helping ensure fair participation for all trans athletes.
  39. California School to Add Gender-Neutral BathroomsMaking school days less traumatic for trans, gender-fluid, and intersex kids.
  40. Proposal Bans Trans Health-Care DiscriminationThe Affordable Care Act is about to get more inclusive.
  41. Nepal Offers New Gender Option on PassportsA win for transgender rights.
  42. john oliver
    John Oliver Has a Simple Rule for Avoiding TransphobiaIf you wouldn’t ask Jimmy Carter whether he’s circumcised, don’t ask a trans person about their genitals.
  43. rights
    Report: Trans Students Mistreated in NY Schools Even after a 2010 nondiscrimination act, schools often fail to accommodate trans and gender-nonconforming students.
  44. transgender rights
    A Transgender Teen Is Suing His School Over Bathroom Rules Backed by the ACLU, he’s fighting a policy that forbids him from using the men’s bathroom at school.
  45. gender
    Trans People in California Could Be Fined for Going to the BathroomA new initiative targets the trans community.
  46. high school
    Meet the First Trans Homecoming King in Texas“I wanted to show that a guy like me can live a normal life and still be visible in the community and be widely accepted.”
  47. historical moments
    Laverne Cox Is on the Cover of TimeShe’s transgender, black, and on the cover of Time magazine.
  48. q&a
    All About the Military’s Outdated Transgender BanTalking to activist Allyson Robinson about Chuck Hagel’s announcement.
  49. models with causes
    Transgender Model Geena Rocero on Her TED Talk“Eventually, I want to be the first transgender ambassador of the U.N.”
  50. potty training
    Arizona Legislator Wants to Criminalize Peeing While TransgenderedReasons cited: pedophiles, small business, “the law of society.”
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