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  1. advice
    ‘What If No One Wants Me After I Transition?’Being wanted feels great, but when it comes at the expense of your own needs, when it demands that you deny your true self, it stops being worth it.
  2. advice
    ‘What Helped Me Through My Transition’Janet Mock, Emira D’Spain, and 13 others share the advice, wisdom, and support that guided them.
  3. first person
    What Coming Out As Transgender Taught Me About Parenting“You can’t make a kid trans, but you can make them feel safe being themselves.”
  4. parenting
    The Transgender Family Handbook144 specific suggestions, from trans young people and their loved ones, that parents may find helpful.
  5. fundraising
    Some ‘Pro-Sex, Anti-Fascist’ Art for Your WallsProceeds benefit groups supporting Black trans people and sex workers.
  6. q&a
    What If We Stopped Listening to Beauty Influencers?Shea Couleé and Teddy Quinlivan are the faces of a democratic new beauty app.
  7. art
    A New $10,000 Grant For Black Trans Women ArtistsJustice means not just fighting discrimination but facilitating success.
  8. gallery
    A Striking Portrait Series With an All-Transgender CastBy Ethan James Green for Alexander McQueen.
  9. new faces of things
    Chanel Beauty Hires Its First Transgender ModelAmerican model Teddy Quinlivan.
  10. lgbtq
    Victoria’s Secret Has Hired an Openly Trans Model for the First TimeValentina Sampaio will reportedly appear in a campaign for the company, months after an executive made insensitive remarks about trans models.
  11. self reflection
    I Thought I’d Make a Handsome Man. I Was Wrong.But I’ll never regret my transition.
  12. transparency
    Trace Lysette Not Suprised Jeffrey Tambor Still Working After #MeToo AllegationsThe Transparent actress, who accused Tambor of sexual harassment last year, says she’s “used to people not wanting to believe” the trans community.
  13. politics
    Trump Reportedly Signs Order Banning Transgender People From Joining MilitaryTrump follows through on his tweets, but leaves the status of openly transgender active service members up to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
  14. politics
    White House Finds Solution to Transgender Military Ban: Delay, Let Mattis DecideThe reported plan gives Mattis six months to figure out what Trump’s tweets mean for service members — and by then the courts may have weighed in.
  15. i’m yelling tinder
    Tinder Introduces More Gender OptionsPeople no longer have to choose to identify as either “male” or “female.”
  16. reproductive rights
    People Are Misunderstanding a Recent Study About Trans Youth PregnancyThis is a very important question for trans health care.
  17. hairy situations
    Tracey Africa Norman Is Back As the Face of ClairolThe first black trans model returns to her roots.
  18. debuts
    The First Ad Featuring a Trans Athlete Aired During the OlympicsChris Mosier stars in the fantastic Nike spot.
  19. gender dysphoria
    Would You Trade In Your Gender for $10 Million?A useful way to understand the slippery concept of gender identity.
  20. Soon, the World Health Organization Will Say Being Trans Isn’t a Mental DisorderThe new guidelines reflect an evolving understanding of trans identity among the medical Establishment — and some lingering tensions.
  21. gender dysphoria
    What’s Missing From the Conversation About Transgender KidsIf you don’t know what desistance is, you’re leaving out an important part of the story.
  22. crime
    Gang Member Gets Life in Prison for Killing Trans GirlfriendCaitlyn Jenner mentioned Mercedes Williamson in her ESPY speech.
  23. Why Canada Should Make IDs Gender Neutral — and America Should, Too“Part of the great arc of history sweeping towards justice.”
  24. body issues
    Trans Athlete Chris Mosier Will Appear in the 2016 ESPN ‘Body Issue’Chris Mosier is a runner and cyclist who transitioned in 2010.
  25. gallery
    Striking Photos of a Couple in Gender TransitionCaptured over six years.
  26. magazine covers
    Trans Woman Appears on Cover of Women’s RunningAmelia Gapin is a 33-year-old softwear engineer who started transitioning four years ago.
  27. gender dysphoria
    How Gender Dysphoria Affected Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! As a Performer“The idea of having to fill that role was crushing to me, and it got to the point where being onstage I didn’t know who I was.”
  28. mansplaining week
    Q&A: A Trans Man in a World That Loves BinariesThomas Page McBee on seeing behind the lens of male privilege.
  29. A Lack of Bathroom Access Could Increase the Risk of Suicide for Trans PeopleAll of the fearmongering can have consequences.
  30. horrible things
    Transgender Woman’s Killer Sentenced to 12 YearsHer family and prosecutors wanted at least 17 years.
  31. game changers
    Meet the First Trans Athlete to Compete in a Division I Men’s SportSchuyler Bailar was initially recruited for the women’s swimming team, but chose to be his true self — and relinquish his spot atop the podium.
  32. civil rights
    It Turns Out a Brief Conversation Really Can Change Minds on LGBT IssuesData falsification was only a temporary roadblock to an important finding that could fight bias against transgender people and other groups.
  33. transgender
    A Vital Study of Transgender Teens Is Launching SoonIt could help resolve any lingering doubts about puberty-blocking drugs for young transgender adolescents.
  34. call me caitlyn
    Caitlyn Jenner’s First Makeup Collaboration Is HereSurprise! The rumors about a M.A.C partnership were true. 
  35. culture wars
    How the Fight Over Transgender Kids Got a Leading Sex Researcher FiredA transgender-politics maelstrom north of the border.
  36. kenneth zucker
    How CAMH Explained Zucker’s Firing to Its Staff“What if the work that I’m doing becomes unpopular with some group? Is CAMH going to throw me under the bus?”
  37. game changers
    The Trans Athlete Behind the Olympic Committee’s New Gender PolicyChris Mosier’s success is helping ensure fair participation for all trans athletes.
  38. gender identity
    A False Charge Helped Bring Down Kenneth ZuckerHe didn’t call a former patient a “hairy little vermin” after all.
  39. atypical
    What It’s Like When Your Spouse TransitionsMany straight men don’t stay through a partner’s transition. But for the ones who do, it can spark an identity crisis.
  40. identity
    10 Celebrities on Taking the T Out of LGBTAsking about the Change.org petition at this year’s OUT100 Celebration.
  41. new faces of things
    Transgender Model Lea T on Beauty and Acceptance“People accept you easily if you look beautiful or if you have money.”
  42. Here’s a GIF of the First Transgender Model Makeup Campaign Ever“Be you.” 
  43. quotables
    Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair Profile Is a Feat of Honesty Caitlyn “doesn’t have any lies.”
  44. trans world
    How Exactly Do You Teach Femininity?Meet a woman using gender stereotypes to help trans people present their true selves.
  45. tv
    The Bruce Jenner Interview Was a TriumphWho would have guessed?
  46. faces of things
    Andreja Pejic Has Landed a Major Beauty ContractComing soon.
  47. fame
    Is Bruce Jenner Up to the Task of Playing Himself?With an upcoming E! docu-series, it’s his very first time.
  48. lists
    Fifty Most Iconic Gender Benders of All Time RuPaul, Marlene Dietrich, Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs, and 46 others who crossed the divide.
  49. real lives
    Neither Man Nor Woman: Meet the AgenderRejecting gender, one hormone and surgery at a time.