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  1. parties!
    Chanel Comes Together for Women in FilmActors and filmmakers gathered to kick off the Tribeca Women’s Filmmaker Program, Through Her Lens.
  2. true crime
    Man Accused of Killing His Mom Over Fortune, Covering It Up With His GirlfriendsJared Eng reportedly called two women he met at college to help him after the alleged murder.
  3. space of the week
    A Tribeca Condo Where Playful Glamour Meets Graphic ContentInterior designer Jessica Ayromloo combined a clean, contemporary black-and-white palette with a side of color and a riff on Memphis design.
  4. space of the week
    The Tribeca Loft That Doubles As a Design ShowroomDanish Brand Vipp’s third-generation owners live in a loft with their wares on display.
  5. quotables
    What We Learned at Time’s Up’s First New York EventThoughts from Lupita Nyong’o, Julianne Moore, and more activists.
  6. space of the week
    A Downtown Loft That Embraces Its Wood AccentsDesigner Laura Santos decorated a Tribeca apartment for clients who played up the previous owners’ wood-centric architecture.
  7. space of the week
    A Tribeca Loft With African Touches and Lots of LightWhen an interior designer and her husband moved to New York, they found a huge apartment in a 19th-century building that was almost perfect.
  8. tribeca film festival 2016
    A Film That Reminds You What It Feels Like to Be a Teenage GirlAll This Panic, which premiered at Tribeca, follows seven Brooklyn teenagers over a three-year period.
  9. tribeca film festival 2016
    This Is The Best Year For Female Directors in Tribeca History Around 40 percent of this year’s films were directed by women.
  10. wedding albums
    Real Wedding Album: A Nontraditional Production“I knew I wasn’t going to be an all-white bride. I wanted to create a dramatic look, something different.”
  11. great room
    Tour a Tribeca Penthouse That Goes Beyond Custom-madeAn open-air courtyard cuts through the 6,000-square-foot apartment in the iconic Gerken Building.
  12. Celeb Fitness Studio Sued For Vibrating BuildingTracy Anderson is very, very strong. Tribeca residents are very, very angry.
  13. look of the day
    Taylor Swift Dressed Like an Equestrian to Go to Whole FoodsJust a casual equestrian look.
  14. our bodies our selfies
    You Know Your Duckface Should Be in a MuseumA museum in London devotes an exhibit to the selfie.
  15. run through
    Foodies Lament Tribeca’s New Men’s-Only J.CrewWhether or not they realize it, J.Crew is rubbing their real-estate success in the face of foodies across the city.
  16. retail therapy
    Men’s-Only J.Crew to Open in TribecaNot content to rule just the gingham-dress and mix-and-match-bikini realm, J.Crew is invading Tribeca with store just for guys.