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    Missing 13-Year-Old Found Alive 3 Months After Her Parents Were KilledPolice have named a suspect in the kidnapping of Jayme Closs and the murder of her parents.
  2. true crime
    Inside an Extremely Bizarre, Extremely Florida Murder CaseA woman is on trial for the death of her husband, who was initially thought to be eaten by gators.
  3. mysteries
    What Happened to the Scientist Responsible for the First Gene-Edited Babies?He Jiankui, who claims to have conducted a controversial experiment, has reportedly gone missing.
  4. crime
    Karina Vetrano Murder Case Ends in MistrialVetrano, 30, was killed while running near her Queens home in 2016.
  5. true crime
    Here’s What Not to Do If You Find Out Your Therapy Patient Was in the Mob“I really just want his face punched in, I swear to God.”
  6. crime
    What to Know About the Karina Vetrano Murder CaseVetrano, 30, was killed while out for a run two years ago. The trial for her murder starts today.
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    What We Know About the Two Sisters Found Dead in the Hudson RiverTala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22, were Saudi Arabian nationals.
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    University of Utah Student Killed by Ex-Boyfriend, Police SayWhat to know about the death of 21-year-old Lauren McCluskey.
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    Author Who Wrote Guide to Killing Your Husband Accused of Killing Her HusbandTaking the idiom “practice what you preach” to a dark new level.
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    Of Course This Dude Is Allegedly Involved in a Murder-for-Hire SchemeJoe Exotic, a zookeeper, allegedly tried to have the owner of a big cat sanctuary killed. Twice.
  11. recommendations
    This True-Crime Podcast Is the Grossest Thing I’ve Ever Heard (and I Love It)Do not listen while eating.
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    Headless Body Found in Missing Homeowner’s Fish TankSan Francisco authorities are trying to determine if the corpse belongs to Brian Egg, a local man who disappeared three months ago.
  13. in memoriam
    Mollie Tibbetts’s Family Emphasized Her Courage and Compassion at Her FuneralCountering Trump’s xenophobic fear-mongering, her dad thanked Iowa’s Latino community for their help in searching for his daughter.
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    Family of Mollie Tibbetts Condemns Racist Fearmongering About Alleged KillerAfter an undocumented immigrant was arrested and charged with her murder, there’s been a wave of anti-immigrant rhetoric.
  15. crime
    Missing Iowa College Student Mollie Tibbetts Found DeadTwenty-four-year-old Christian Bahena Rivera has been charged with her murder.
  16. true crime
    Brazilian Butt Doctor Charged With Murder in Patient DeathDenis Furtado performed a butt-enhancing procedure on a woman who died after receiving the injections.
  17. true crime
    Golden State Killer Suspect to Be Charged With Earliest MurderJoseph DeAngelo is accused of shooting a man in 1975, the first of many murders he’s believed to have committed.
  18. true crime
    Lululemon Targeted by Thieves in Statewide Crime SpreeA yoga pants–crazed gang allegedly lifted $10,000 in merch from one store alone.
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    Plastic Surgeon Known As ‘Dr. Bumbum’ Arrested After Patient’s DeathHe had spent four days on the run.
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    Arrest Made in Child Murder Case, 30 Years LaterApril Tinsley’s killer taunted police and is believed to have sent other young girls terrifying notes threatening them.
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    Man Accused of Murdering 21 Co-workers by Poisoning Their LunchesHe allegedly did this over the course of two decades.
  22. true crime
    Man Sentenced to 16 Years for Drugging and Kidnapping British ModelSo ends the bizarre case of Chloe Ayling.
  23. science of us
    ‘The Staircase’ and the Science of Seeming GuiltyMichael Peterson seems guilty, but does that mean he is?
  24. true crime
    All The Staircase Murder Theories, ExplainedBefore the true-crime saga returns on Netflix, let’s review.
  25. A Forensic Psychiatrist in the JonBenét Ramsey Case Was MurderedAnd police believe Steven Pitt’s killing is linked to three others.
  26. true crime
    Woman Baked Laxative-Filled Brownies for Co-worker’s Good-bye PartyBye!
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    The Golden State Killer Suspect Has Been Charged With 4 More MurdersThis brings the current total to 12.
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    Inventor Found Guilty of Murdering Journalist Kim Wall Won’t Appeal ConvictionHe is, however, asking for a lighter sentence.
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    How Genealogy Websites Helped Catch the Alleged Golden State KillerLooks like the right people spit into at-home DNA-testing kits.
  30. true crime
    Remembering the Crime Writer Who Didn’t Live to the Golden State Killer’s Arrest“I so wish Michelle were here to enjoy this moment.”
  31. true crime
    Police May Have Finally Arrested the Golden State KillerThere’s been a major break in the case of the notorious serial killer and rapist.
  32. crime
    Danish Inventor Found Guilty for Murder of Journalist Kim WallHe received a life sentence.
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    Allison Mack Tried to Recruit Emma Watson for Her Alleged Sex CultShe likened it to an “amazing women’s movement.”
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    Canadian Man Lynched in the Amazon After Being Accused of Shaman’s MurderSebastian Woodroffe had traveled to Peru to seek enlightenment and study plant medicine.
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    ‘Gambling Grandma’ Accused of Killing Two People Arrested in TexasFifty-six-year-old Lois Riess was caught after a nationwide manhunt.
  36. crime
    5 Crucial Things to Know About the Kim Wall Murder TrialThe verdict is expected in the coming days.
  37. instacrime
    The ‘Cocaine Babe’ Was Sentenced to 8 Years in PrisonShe infamously posted all about her vacation on Instagram before getting busted for drug smuggling.
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    Yoselyn Ortega Found Guilty in Nanny Murder TrialShe killed two children in her care in 2012.
  39. crime
    Father, Daughter, and Baby in Incest Case Found Dead in Murder-SuicideSteven Pladl also killed his daughter’s adoptive father.
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    Man Allegedly Robs Bank to Impress Taylor SwiftHe reportedly threw some of the money he stole over her fence.
  41. true crime
    Khloé Kardashian Is Producing a Show About Sisters Who Want to Kill Each OtherIt’s called Twisted Sisters.
  42. mysteries
    Somebody Stole Yoko Ono’s $17,000 RockToronto police have launched an investigation.
  43. true crime
    Digital Police Sketch Really Nails ItHave you seen this man?
  44. crime
    A Witness Just Shut Down the Defendant’s Explanation in the Kim Wall Murder CasePeter Madsen is claiming that the journalist died from inhaling toxic exhaust fumes, but the evidence says otherwise.
  45. crime
    The Infamous ‘Affluenza Teen’ Was Just Released From JailEthan Couch served two years after violating his probation for killing four people in a drunk driving accident.
  46. crime
    Car Crash That Killed Family Believed to Be IntentionalA week after an SUV with eight family members went over a California cliff, police say it doesn’t appear to have been an accident.
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    Actress Denies Claims She Was a Recruiter for Alleged ‘Sex Cult’“The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false.”
  48. true crime
    Founder of Alleged ‘Sex Cult’ Arrested and Charged With Sex TraffickingWomen in Nxivm were reportedly branded and referred to as “slaves.”
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    A Man Who Says He Was Involved in the Natalee Holloway Case Was Stabbed to DeathJohn Ludwick claimed that he was paid to dispose of Holloway’s remains.
  50. true crime
    Elderly Woman Allegedly Could Not Stop Hiring Hit MenThe local District Attorney said he’s “never seen anything like it.”
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