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  1. Man Arrested After Allegedly Confessing on Reddit to Murdering His GirlfriendAger Hasan allegedly stabbed Melinda Vasilije to death in April.
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    Man Found With 11 Young Girls in Home Convicted of All Sex-Abuse CountsOne of the girls was “gifted” to Lee Kaplan by her parents.
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    Netflix’s Nun Murder Mystery Takes on Sexual Abuse and the Catholic ChurchThe Keepers premieres today.
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    Mommy Dead and Dearest: Murder, Munchausen, and Gypsy Rose BlanchardTalking to Erin Lee Carr, director of a new HBO documentary.
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    An Ohio Woman Was Found Captive in a Pit in Her Neighbor’s ShedPolice say she was being held in neighbor Dennis Dunn’s shed.
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    This Man May Be Convicted of His Wife’s Murder Because of Her Fitbit DataRichard Dabate is accused of killing his wife Connie, and her last recorded steps on Fitbit are part of the case against him.
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    Former Beauty-Pageant Queen Pleads Guilty to Child-Pornography Charges27-year-old Meghan Breanna Alt took and distributed photos of a 4-year-old relative.
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    Missing Teen Found Across the Country With Teacher a Month After Disappearing15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas was found safe and her 50-year-old teacher, Tad Cummins, was arrested.
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    Convicted Murderer in Etan Patz Case Sentenced to 25 Years to Life in PrisonPedro Hernandez’s sentencing brings a close to the nearly 40-year-old missing-child case.
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    Suspect Arrested in Jogger Vanessa Marcotte’s MurderThe Google employee was killed while out for a run.
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    Trump Was Reportedly ‘Very Upset’ That Amanda Knox Supported Hillary ClintonThe president’s friend and neighbor says Trump’s not happy that Knox didn’t support him after he spoke out about her innocence.
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    Woman Falsely Accused of Faking Her Own Kidnapping Describes Harrowing OrdealPolice thought Denise Huskins’s Gone Girl–like kidnapping was a hoax because she ‘didn’t act like a victim.’ Her kidnapper was sentenced to 40 years.
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    Woman Framed by Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife in Craigslist ‘Rape Fantasy’ Plot Speaks OutMichelle Hadley, who was framed for a crime by her ex-boyfriend’s wife, calls it “your worst nightmare coming true.”
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    Ohio Woman Sentenced to Prison for Livestreaming Her Friend’s RapeShe was sentenced to nine months in prison.
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    Woman Steals a Single Boot From Christian Louboutin ShopThis boot was made for stealin’.
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    Man Arrested for Murder of Queens Jogger Karina VetranoTwenty-year-old Chanel Lewis has been charged with second-degree murder.
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    Teen Who Was Abducted the Day She Was Born Reunites With Birth FamilyMeanwhile, the man who raised Kamiyah Mobley and thought he was her father says it’s “a shock.”
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    Teen Who Was Abducted the Day She Was Born Found 18 Years LaterKamiyah Mobley was stolen from the hospital in 1998.
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    This Crazy Love Triangle Story Will Make a Great Lifetime Movie Some DayAngela Diaz falsely claimed that Michelle Hadley was sending men seeking to fulfill rape fantasies to her house in a bizarre crime story.
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    Woman Falsely Accused of Faking Kidnapping in 2015 Is Still Facing Online AbusePolice called Denise Huskins’s kidnapping a hoax, but then the perpetrator pleaded guilty. That doesn’t mean her online abuse has stopped.
  21. Florida Man Arrested for Raping Woman After Shooting Her for Rejecting HimChristopher William Shows was arrested December 16.
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    Man Arrested for Murder of Reality-Show ContestantThe body of Lisa Marie Naegle, who appeared on Bridalplasty, was discovered on Tuesday.
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    Prosecutors Offer Plea Deal to Vegan Restaurateur Facing Grand-Larceny ChargesSarma Melngailis is accused of stealing more than $800,000 from investors and not paying employees or taxes.
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    CorePower Yoga Founder Dead Under ‘Suspicious Circumstances’Trevor Tice was 48.
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    How a California Jogger Escaped Her Kidnappers Three Weeks After Being AbductedHer husband released a new statement.
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    A Misogynistic Troll Allegedly Kidnapped and Shot His Ex-GirlfriendProof that we should be taking trolls more seriously.
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    California Jogger Found Safe Three Weeks After DisappearanceSherri Papini was jogging in Northern California when she went missing.
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    A Jury Found a Husband Guilty of Hiring Hit Man to Murder His WifeMorrad Ghonim’s conviction brought to a close a cold case dating back to 1992.
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    Prosecutors Rearrested a Yoga Instructor for the Murder of Her Twin SisterNew evidence led to prosecutors rearresting Alexandria Duval for the murder of her twin sister, Anastasia.
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    California Mother Disappears While Out for an Afternoon Run“She was definitely taken against her will.”
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    Missing Woman Found Alive and ‘Chained Like a Dog’Kala Brown’s boyfriend, who disappeared at the same time as her, has reportedly been found too.
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    A Husband Who Beat His Wife Had His Conviction Overturned for the Worst ReasonAn appeals court ruled the voice-mail that recorded her screams could not be used as evidence.
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    It’s Finally Possible to Understand What Happened to Amanda KnoxThe new Netflix documentary sheds fresh light on a case that’s captivated the public for nearly ten years.
  34. Teen Accused in Slender Man Case Pleads Not Guilty by Reason of Mental IllnessMorgan Geyser is being tried as an adult.
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    Louisiana Woman Reportedly Kept in Outdoor CageShe was found thanks to an anonymous tip.
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    Oh Look, Your College Roommate Was Finally Jailed for Having Sex Too LoudlyThe 25-year-old pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.
  37. Yoga Instructor Accused of Killing Twin Cleared The judge didn’t find enough evidence that Alison Dadow intentionally drove her SUV off a cliff to kill her twin sister.
  38. Yoga Instructor Accused of Murdering Her TwinAlison Dadow is accused of intentionally driving her car off a cliff in Hawaii to kill her twin sister.
  39. mysteries solved!
    Freaky Old Dolls: A Great Way to Terrify Neighbor-ChildrenAnd baffle the police!
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    Robbers Steal From Cannes Cartier With FlairThey wore Hawaiian shirts.
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    Burglars Stole Rachel Bilson’s Chanel CollectionThat’s just not fair.
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    Paris Hilton Robbed!$2 million in jewelry and belongings was taken.