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    Father, Daughter, and Baby in Incest Case Found Dead in Murder-SuicideSteven Pladl also killed his daughter’s adoptive father.
  2. true crime
    Man Allegedly Robs Bank to Impress Taylor SwiftHe reportedly threw some of the money he stole over her fence.
  3. true crime
    Khloé Kardashian Is Producing a Show About Sisters Who Want to Kill Each OtherIt’s called Twisted Sisters.
  4. mysteries
    Somebody Stole Yoko Ono’s $17,000 RockToronto police have launched an investigation.
  5. true crime
    Digital Police Sketch Really Nails ItHave you seen this man?
  6. crime
    A Witness Just Shut Down the Defendant’s Explanation in the Kim Wall Murder CasePeter Madsen is claiming that the journalist died from inhaling toxic exhaust fumes, but the evidence says otherwise.
  7. crime
    The Infamous ‘Affluenza Teen’ Was Just Released From JailEthan Couch served two years after violating his probation for killing four people in a drunk driving accident.
  8. crime
    Car Crash That Killed Family Believed to Be IntentionalA week after an SUV with eight family members went over a California cliff, police say it doesn’t appear to have been an accident.
  9. true crime
    Actress Denies Claims She Was a Recruiter for Alleged ‘Sex Cult’“The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false.”
  10. true crime
    Founder of Alleged ‘Sex Cult’ Arrested and Charged With Sex TraffickingWomen in Nxivm were reportedly branded and referred to as “slaves.”
  11. true crime
    A Man Who Says He Was Involved in the Natalee Holloway Case Was Stabbed to DeathJohn Ludwick claimed that he was paid to dispose of Holloway’s remains.
  12. true crime
    Elderly Woman Allegedly Could Not Stop Hiring Hit MenThe local District Attorney said he’s “never seen anything like it.”
  13. crime
    Trial Starts for Man Accused of Murdering Journalist Kim WallHere’s what inventor Peter Madsen said on the stand.
  14. true crime
    This Woman Is Accused of Poisoning Her Look-alike With CheesecakeAuthorities say that the victim’s only fault was that she “shared similar features” with the alleged criminal.
  15. true crime
    Elderly Hostage Freed When She Told Suspect to ‘Knock It Off’The 99-year-old scolded an armed intruder for making a mess.
  16. crime
    Inventor Accused of Killing Journalist Texted About Submarine ‘Murder Plan’And other revelations from the latest story about Kim Wall and Peter Madsen.
  17. true crime
    Stabbing Victim Identified Suspected Killers From Her DeathbedWhat to know about the case of 19-year-old Lizette Cuesta.
  18. true crime
    Hilariously Bad Sketch Actually Leads Police to Identify SuspectLook, art isn’t everyone’s strong suit.
  19. crime
    Father and Daughter Charged With Incest After Having Baby TogetherIf convicted, they could get ten years in prison.
  20. true crime
    Yoga Twin Murder Trial Ends in AcquittalAlexandria Duval was found not guilty of killing her twin sister by deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii.
  21. true crime
    What to Know About the New Natalie Wood Case DevelopmentsPolice have confirmed that her husband at the time, Robert Wagner, is now a “person of interest.”
  22. true crime
    Landscaper Accused of Killing Multiple People & Hiding Their Bodies in GardensBruce McArthur has been charged with five murders so far.
  23. true crime
    Everything to Know About the Yoga Twin Murder CaseAlexandria Duval stands trial this week, accused of murdering her twin sister by driving them both off a cliff in Hawaii.
  24. true crime
    This Preacher Tried to Hire a Hit Man on the Dark Web to Kill His WifeAfter being scammed by the murder-for-hire site, prosecutors think he pulled the trigger himself.
  25. crime
    German Serial Killer Charged With 97 More MurdersThe former nurse is already serving time for murdering patients.
  26. crime
    The Case of the Murdered Canadian Billionaires Is Getting Stranger and StrangerPrivate investigators reportedly now believe that Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered by multiple people.
  27. crime
    How This Selfie Helped Convict a Woman Who Killed Her Best FriendThe murder weapon was hiding in plain sight.
  28. crime
    Parents Who Kept 13 Children Captive Facing Life in PrisonProsecutors filed charges, and new details of the siblings’ horrifying ordeal emerged.
  29. crime
    Aunt of 13 Kids Held Captive Says She’s ‘Shocked and Angry’Her sister is accused of torturing her children, aged 2 to 29.
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    Wrong Woman Killed in Botched Love Triangle Murder-for-Hire PlotPolice say 42-year-old Janice Zengotita-Torres “lost her life for no reason.”
  31. crime
    What We Know About the Case of the 13 Siblings Held Captive in Their HomeAged 2 through 29, they were found shackled to their beds and severely malnourished.
  32. crime
    Inventor Charged With Murder of Journalist Kim WallHe’s long been suspected of killing her, as she was last seen boarding his submarine for a story.
  33. true crime
    Woman Arrested for Husband’s Murder Had Extremely Suspicious Browser HistoryYeah, nothing out of the ordinary to see here at all.
  34. true crime
    Doctor Accused of Having Wife Killed So She Wouldn’t Expose His Opioid RingDr. James Kauffman was charged with first-degree murder over five years after April Kauffman’s death.
  35. true crime
    High School Soccer Coach Arrested for Human TraffickingHe’s been accused of pimping out underage girls.
  36. true crime
    Unbelievable: Man in ‘Trust Me’ T-Shirt Steals Car, Is Not TrustworthyHe also had forged checks.
  37. crime
    What to Know in the Case of an Uber Driver Accused of Killing a British DiplomatRebecca Dykes was found dead in Beirut on Saturday morning.
  38. dumb ideas
    ‘Criminal Santa’ Gets Stuck in Chimney While Trying to Commit BurglaryThis happens more often than you’d think.
  39. true crime
    Serial Killer Says There Are More Undiscovered VictimsTodd Kohlhepp wrote a creepy letter to his local paper bragging about more killings.
  40. power
    Brock Turner Appeals His Conviction for Sexually Assaulting an Unconscious WomanHis lawyers are saying the trial was “a detailed and lengthy set of lies.”
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    Wherever Could This Escaped Inmate With a Full-Face Skull Tattoo Be Hiding?Sure he’s blending right in with his surroundings.
  42. true crime
    Husband Accused of Sabotaging Wife’s ParachuteAnd that wasn’t even the first time Emile Cilliers allegedly attempted to murder his wife.
  43. true crime
    Woman Arrested in ‘Killer Clown’ Case, 27 Years LaterSheila Keen Warren, 54, is accused of having murdered her romantic rival while wearing a clown costume back in 1990.
  44. scams
    Woman Who Allegedly Drugged and Robbed Rich Men Avoids Jail TimeAlexandra Martinez, who allegedly made off with several Rolex watches, took a plea deal.
  45. crime
    Body of Missing Journalist Kim Wall Has Been FoundDanish inventor Peter Madsen is being investigated in her death.
  46. true crime
    Missing Journalist Kim Wall Reportedly Died in ‘Accident’ on SubmarineDanish inventor Peter Madsen now says he buried Kim Wall at sea.
  47. true crime
    Missing Journalist Kim Wall Is Presumed DeadCopenhagen police say they are now searching for a body.
  48. true crime
    What You Need to Know About the Mysterious Case of Missing Journalist Kim WallWall vanished from Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s submarine while she was working on a story about him. He’s since been charged with manslaughter.
  49. horrible things
    This Teen Was Murdered in England, Allegedly Because of Who She Was DatingCeline Dookhran, 19, was of Indian Muslim heritage and was dating an Arab Muslim.
  50. true crime
    Parrot Snitches on Woman in Murder CaseGlenna Duram was found guilty of killing her husband on Wednesday.
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