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Trump’s America

  1. first person
    My PTA Meetings Are a Perfect Metaphor for Trump’s America“Turns out nothing reveals who you really are like dealing with children and how to raise them.”
  2. trump’s america
    The Real Work of Being an AllySupporting the people who need it most.
  3. do-gooders
    The Abortion-Rights Activist Who Believes in ‘Ferocious Love’Talking with Yamani Hernandez of National Network of Abortion Funds.
  4. trump’s america
    Women Are Signing Up for Self-Defense Classes in Huge Numbers After Trump’s WinIn New York City in particular, more women and minorities are signing up for self-defense classes.
  5. field trips
    Should You Enroll in Adulting School?We went to the first-ever summit on “adulting,” just a few days after the election.
  6. trump’s america
    After the Election, the White People of Los Angeles Adopted PetsAnd I was one of them.
  7. election 2016
    10 Women of Color on Their Fear of a Donald Trump PresidencyDespite the anxiety, they’re ready to fight.
  8. trump’s america
    Here’s How Khloé Kardashian Responded to Donald Trump’s Jabs About Her WeightHe reportedly had her fired from ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ because he didn’t like the way she looked.
  9. trump’s america
    A Trump Supporter Was Arrested After Threatening a Black WomanThe man allegedly threatened to beat the woman and hurled a racial slur at her outside a store.
  10. Donald Trump Says Hair Spray Is ‘Not Like It Used to Be’Make hair spray great again.
  11. trump’s america
    Harassed Trump Profiler Files Police ReportShe is also working with the Anti-Defamation League.