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  1. capitol insurrection
    Capitol Rioter Complains ‘It’s Not Fair’ That He’s in JailRichard Barnett, who posed for photos at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, reportedly thinks it’s “a bunch of crap” that he hasn’t been released.
  2. capitol insurrection
    Terrifying Details About the Capitol Hill Riots Keep Coming OutReporters and lawmakers are sharing harrowing accounts of the insurrection.
  3. crime
    A Black Woman Was Assaulted by a Mob of Trump SupportersThe Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the violent attack as a hate crime.
  4. capitol insurrection
    Where Is the ‘Law and Order’ Now?“So peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters get tear-gassed, but right-wing extremists get into the Capitol? Got it.”
  5. the kavanaugh hearings
    Trump Supporters Were Beside Themselves With Glee As He Mocked Christine FordA depressing reminder of what survivors face in coming forward.
  6. trump supporters
    John Legend Knows That Skinny People Can Support TrumpThe singer responded to a claim that he was looking for “out of shape” actors to play Trump supporters in a music video.
  7. trump supporters
    Wall Street’s ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Vandalized to Look Like Trump SupporterThis isn’t the first time.