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  1. trumpcare
    Trump’s New Insurance Rules Put Women and Children at Risk“These plans aren’t for everyone,” says HHS Secretary Alex Azar.
  2. politics
    Senate GOP Begrudgingly Allows Token Woman to Join Health-Care Working GroupSenator Shelley Moore Capito was invited to a meeting about the bill on Tuesday.
  3. politics
    The Health-Care Bill Is Being Written by All Men, and Female Senators Are PissedRepublican and Democratic senators alike are voicing their concerns.
  4. trumpcare
    Being Sexually Assaulted Could Make Your Health Insurance More ExpensiveBeing a woman is a health-care liability again.
  5. GOP Senator Apologizes After Mocking Breast-Cancer Screening Coverage“I sure don’t want my mammogram benefits taken away.”
  6. politics
    The New Health-Care Bill Could Mean Insurance Doesn’t Have to Cover PregnancyRepublicans are lobbying to ditch Obamacare’s essential health benefits.
  7. politics
    Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Lead to Thousands More BirthsEspecially for low-income women.