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  1. character studies
    Brendan Fraser Is Giving the Most Delightful Performance on TV Right NowFX’s Trust marks the beginning of a full-fledged Brendanaissance.
  2. One Way to Make First Dates Just a Little Less PainfulThe trick is in what you get to eat.
  3. Kids Don’t Trust UglinessBeing little doesn’t exempt you from being kind of a shallow jerk.
  4. People Blindly Follow Their Robot LeadersEven if they are clearly going the wrong way.
  5. workplace psychology
    An Upside to Distrusting the Jerks You Work WithYou’ll produce better work, even if you’re hating every minute of it.
  6. social psychology
    6 Facts on the Thin Line Between Trust and GullibilityGood to know on April Fool’s Day.
  7. social psychology
    Some Faces Just Get Away With StuffHaving a trustworthy face comes in handy. 
  8. influential herbs
    Will You Use Lavender for Good or Evil?A new study shows the smell earns people’s trust. 
  9. trust
    People Still Don’t Trust Electronic SignaturesWe still think there’s something magical about putting pen to paper.
  10. It’s (Mostly) Smart to Trust Your Fellow HumansUntil it isn’t.
  11. trust
    Nobody in America Trusts Anyone, Says New StudyBut can the study be trusted?
  12. trust
    Miley Cyrus Gave a Tattoo to the Bravest Mortal on EarthNeedle in hand, scrunchie on hair. 
  13. shifty eyes
    Stop Making Eye ContactYou’ll be more persuasive.