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Trying To Connect

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    What to Do When You’re Feeling LonelyFourteen humble suggestions.
  2. life hacks
    You’re Never Alone With an AudiobookTrust me: This year, I spent more than 2,000 hours listening to them to drown out the silence.
  3. talking to
    The Lonely Teens of TikTok“I made a video like: I have no friends. Here’s what I’m doing today! That definitely grabbed people’s attention.”
  4. first person
    I Never Belonged in IndianaLeaving Karachi, I thought it would eventually feel like home. But after 20 years, what’s keeping me here?
  5. first person
    What I Learned From Eating Alone in Public for a MonthI wasn’t afraid of loneliness. But after a month of solo sushi dinners on the Danube, I began to wonder if I would die alone.
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    Why Do I Feel Loneliest When I’m With My Family?I spend most of the year longing to go home. But when I’m there, I have to admit that something’s changed.