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  1. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About the M&M’s DramaRevisiting Tucker Carlson’s one-man campaign against the “spokescandies.”
  2. feuds
    Think Twice Before You Insult Maren MorrisAfter Tucker Carlson called her a “lunatic country-music person” for calling out transphobia, Morris raised $100,000 for trans youth.
  3. politics
    There’s No Good Reason to Go on Fox NewsLike the Blob, Fox absorbs everything it touches.
  4. invitations
    I Invite Tucker Carlson to Explain Why He’s Not an IdiotThe Fox News host welcomed anyone who disagrees with him to come on his show, but I think he should come to my desk instead.
  5. power
    Tucker Carlson Defends Disgusting Comments As “Naughty”He has refused to apologize after unearthed audio surfaced in which he defended statutory rape and called women “primitive.”
  6. pandas exposed
    Why Is Tucker Carlson So Worried About ‘Sex-Crazed’ Pandas?Yes, the video clip is real.
  7. but what about men
    Tucker Carlson Launches Male Empowerment Series During Women’s History Month“We hear a lot about female empowerment in this country.”
  8. blind faith
    Tucker Carlson: Trump Looking Directly at the Sun Was ‘Impressive’Actually, looking directly at the eclipse was “perhaps the most impressive thing a president has ever done.”
  9. everyday sexism
    Do These Male Fox Anchors Have What It Takes to Be the Next Bill O’Reilly?The Daily Show put together a montage of potential candidates.
  10. Tucker Carlson Is Taking Megyn Kelly’s Time Slot on Fox NewsMegyn Kelly is out. Tucker Carlson is in.
  11. roll clip!
    Teen Vogue Writer Lauren Duca Owns Tucker Carlson on His Own Show“You’re actually being a partisan hack.”
  12. mean boys
    Stephanie Cutter Is Getting It From All SidesUnflattering portraiture in the Daily Caller and MSNBC alike.