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  1. the plot thickens
    Florida Sheriff Seeking Tips on Carole Baskin’s Missing HusbandTiger King continues to supply drama and intrigue.
  2. culture
    Which Tiger King Cast Member Was at the 2001 VMAs?One of them made an appearance in that famous Britney Spears performance.
  3. culture
    Tiger King’s Chaotic Fashion Will Delight And Inspire YouCome for the murder, stay for the cacophony of animal prints.
  4. tv
    Give Cardi B the Pulitzer for CriticismHer live-tweeting of the documentary Tiger King was simply perfect.
  5. tv
    A Close Read of the Tiger King’s Country Music VideosEntering the dark and compelling universe of Joe Exotic’s homemade reels.
  6. bachelor nation
    Bachelor Stars Hunker Down in Giant, Ceaseless Pool PartyHannah Brown, Tyler Cameron, and others have formed a “Quarantine Crew” and spend their days TikToking by the pool. Okay.
  7. kilts
    Treat Yourself to Shirtless, Kilt-Clad Detective StablerIt’s been a rough few weeks — we deserve it.
  8. culture
    13 Things To Watch That Have Nothing to Do With the NewsFrom The Godfather to Something’s Gotta Give, here’s what you should watch while you’re stuck at home.
  9. coronavirus
    Ah, to Be a German Big Brother Contestant Right NowThe cast, many of whom entered the house on February 6, have yet to be told about the coronavirus pandemic.
  10. break ups
    RIP Peter and Madison’s Relationship (Tuesday–Thursday)The Bachelor couple has broken up after two days.
  11. dystopia
    Is Sarah Palin an Actual Clown?The former vice-presidential candidate rapped on The Masked Singer while dressed as a cartoon bear.
  12. good boy
    We Are All KratuThe rescue dog spectacularly failed the Crufts agility course, but had the best time doing it.
  13. recaps
    THIS Is How It All Ends?A recap of The Bachelor’s messy finale.
  14. please!
    Let Lizzie McGuire Do SexApparently, Disney+ paused the Lizzie McGuire reboot over a story line about cheating.
  15. tiktok
    Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan for TikTokBut she hasn’t done the renegade just yet.
  16. tv
    Let’s Talk About the Hot Scottish Guy in High FidelityMay I introduce you to this absolute smokestack, Liam.
  17. encounter
    Talking Death and God With Zoey DeutchThe Buffaloed star has no patience for small talk.
  18. tv
    The Spiciest Moments From the Love Is Blind Reunion Episode Including “bitch, you’re sheisty” and the (re)villainization of Jessica.
  19. spring 2020 fashion issue
     The Enduring Joy of Fran DrescherTwenty-one years after the end of The Nanny, we’re still in her thrall.
  20. tv
    The Wildest Moments From the Love Is Blind FinaleIt’s like one endless, devastating prom night.
  21. tv
    What If You Found Out Your Fiancé Faked Their Voice?Some questions about the Love Is Blind baby voice.
  22. tv
    Your Grandparent Could Be on The BachelorABC put out a casting call for contestants 65 and older.
  23. recaps
    How to Deal With Your TV Boyfriend Bedding Other WomenA recap of The Bachelor, episode nine.
  24. tv
    Here’s How the Dating on Love Is Blind Actually WorkedFirst of all, the producers did not expect so many couples to get engaged.
  25. s.o.s.
    Is This the Most Bonkers Love Is Blind Moment Yet?The Netflix proposal show serves up another moment of derangement.
  26. tv
    Just How Drunk Are People on Love Is Blind?A brief investigation.
  27. our little corner of the world
    This Gilmore Girls Fan Account Is the Best Place OnlinePlease, step into my deeply odd oasis.
  28. tv
    The Biggest Problem With Love Is BlindNetflix’s new dating show is incredibly weird — but there is one part of it I just cannot accept.
  29. recaps
    Would You Welcome This Man Into Your Home?A recap of The Bachelor, episode eight. Hometowns!
  30. obits
    Former Love Island Host Caroline Flack Found DeadThe 40-year-old television presenter reportedly died by suicide.
  31. culture
    The New Pope Soundtrack Makes Me Feel Impossibly CoolAmen.
  32. relaxation techniques
    The Sanity-Saving Pleasure of the Background BingeA show you can “watch” while cleaning, or emailing, or leaving the room entirely.
  33. the bachelor
    Peter Hates FunA recap of The Bachelor, episode seven.
  34. you'd be rich
    Damn, Imagine If You Were Part of the Cast of FriendsThe actors have reportedly been offered more than $2 million each for a reunion special. What if it were you?
  35. cut chat
    Justice for Scheana?Vanderpump Rules’s most divisive character deserves better.
  36. recaps
    Peter Is Horny for Women’s TearsA recap of this week’s second Bachelor episode.
  37. tv
    What Did The Bachelor Do to These Women’s Butts?A look at this week’s bizarre modesty edits.
  38. recaps
    ‘Who Said I Was Emotionally Unstable?’A recap of The Bachelor, week five.
  39. health
    Shannen Doherty Reveals She Has Stage Four Breast CancerShe had been in remission for three years.
  40. recommendations
    Have I Got a Feel-Good Show for YouEverything’s Gonna Be Okay is a charming show about unconventional family and ordinary joys.
  41. butt bowl
    Butts Win the Super BowlGive the trophy to the tushies.
  42. culture
    Just Imagine Professor Umbridge As the QueenIt’s about to happen, on the final season of The Crown.
  43. tv
    The Star of Vanderpump Rules Is This Doomed Apple WatchA cursed Thanksgiving gift (?), from Scheana to Max.
  44. wellness
    The Goop Lab Will Actually Teach You Something About SexIts sex episode almost makes up for the infamous jade yoni egg.
  45. recaps
    Cleveland: City of Art, Romance, and DRAMAA recap of The Bachelor, week four.
  46. figure skating
    Did You Watch Nathan Chen This Weekend?He won his fourth national figure-skating title, and it was exquisite.
  47. recommendations
    The Creator of Work in Progress Just Wants to Pee in PeaceAbby McEnany’s lovely, new semi-autobiographical show deals frankly with depression, family (chosen and origin), and gender nonconformity.
  48. recaps
    That Was the Worst Pool Party EverA recap of The Bachelor, week three.
  49. profile
    Aidy Bryant Has Figured Out How to Get What She WantsWith a second season of Shrill and an eighth of SNL, she sees herself — and her characters — clearly.
  50. tv
    I Want This Cheer Coach to Run My LifeAfter watching Netflix’s Cheer, all I need in life is for Coach Monica to be proud of me.
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