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  1. xoxo
    Georgina Sparks Is Up to Her Old TricksThe O.G. queen of Gossip Girl is back in the trailer for the reboot’s second season.
  2. q&a
    Hiam Abbass on Playing Ramy’s Matriarch, MaysaWe spoke to the Ramy star about the show’s ambitious third season.
  3. power
    Nickelodeon Alums Allege Dan Schneider Sexualized and Bullied Child StarsA new report alleges Schneider asked female employees for massages and fought with the network over skimpier costumes for actors.
  4. 5 questions with…
    Phoebe Robinson Shares Her Biggest Dating Red FlagsThe Everything’s Trash star has standards.
  5. breakout
    Quinta Brunson Is the New Queen of SitcomsHow Brunson went from making internet memes to a hit show.
  6. why?
    Emmy Rossum Playing Tom Holland’s Mom Will Break MeThey’re less than ten years apart in age.
  7. euphoria
    Lexi Howard, Director of the YearEuphoria’s resident playwright has turned me into a theater girl.
  8. bridgerton
    Lady Whistledown Is Back to Cause Some Smutty ChaosThe official trailer for season two of Bridgerton is here.
  9. euphoria
    This One’s for the MomsLast night’s episode of Euphoria was centered on the thankless task of raising HBO teens.
  10. reality tv
    Bachelor Clayton Finally Did Something InterestingHe may be boring, but I think Clayton may also be … good.
  11. tv
    Here’s Sebastian Stan on Filming With an Animatronic PenisThe actor had a one-of-a-kind experience filming Pam & Tommy.
  12. euphoria
    Jacob Elordi Agrees, Nate Deserved It“I would love to beat him up.”
  13. big deal
    Peloton Claims InnocenceThe stationary-bike company wants you to know it is not responsible for that Big twist.
  14. dream date
    Scott Speedman Grows UpThe You and Grey’s Anatomy actor is enjoying his next life phase: fatherhood.
  15. dun dun
    Avenge Me, Hugh Dancy!If I ever get murdered on television, Hugh Dancy better be in charge of prosecuting the murderer.
  16. major fomo
    Where Is Find My Friends?The missing character on The Sex Life of College Girls.
  17. culture
    Casey Wilson Can’t ComplainAfter a career-high year, the actress is on a brand-new path.
  18. QUIZ: Which Sex Lives of College Girls Character Are You?Choose your own sexcapade, and we’ll tell you which suitemate you are.
  19. xoxo
    New York’s Most Terrifying Rich Kids Are BackAnd from the looks of the new Gossip Girl trailer, they’re hotter than ever.
  20. it’s the way that we live
    The L Word: Generation Q Finally Confronts the B-wordThe second season tries to make messy amends for Alice’s sexuality.
  21. culture
    There’s a Reason Squid Game’s Subtitles Aren’t Perfect“The deeper metaphor and meanings that the writer took so many pains to put in are just left out.”
  22. thank god!
    Everyone Is Simping Over This Squid Game CharacterThe internet has found a new girlfriend.
  23. encounter
    Get Heléne Yorke Some ChampagneThe newlywed Other Two actress is living the good life — and not a moment too soon.
  24. culture
    This Should Be the Only Way Straight People Get to DateNetflix’s Sexy Beasts is as delightfully unhinged as it looks.
  25. girl groups
    She Wanted to Be a Pop Star. Now She Gets to Play One on TV.The Tony-winning Renée Elise Goldsberry is the MVP of the witty new series Girls5eva.
  26. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: The Final Season of SATCI see Carrie’s trajectory differently now.
  27. spooky scary
    All the Ways The Haunting of Hill House Will Make You Pee Your Pants a LittleAHHHHHH!!!!!
  28. turns out it’s pretty good
    How to Extend Your Star Is Born Thirst by Over 100 HoursTurns out Nashville is pretty good.
  29. true crime
    Khloé Kardashian Is Producing a Show About Sisters Who Want to Kill Each OtherIt’s called Twisted Sisters.
  30. what are you watching?
    I Love Bekka and Lucy Is a Perfect Show About Female FriendshipFinally, a show that treats friendships like the romantic relationships they are.
  31. new gigs
    Here’s What Megyn Kelly Really Thinks About Covering Politics“I want to make people feel something better than constant outrage,” she said.
  32. scientology
    Leah Remini Is Filming a Show About ScientologyRumored to be about the breakup of families.
  33. based on a true story
    Sophia Amoruso Will Be Your Mary Tyler Moore#GirlBoss to be made into a Netflix show.
  34. dvr this
    Your Favorite Self-Help Book Will Soon Be a TV ShowA show based on Kondo-ing will absolutely spark joy.