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  1. tweenpocalypse
    All the Other Kids in Ben Affleck’s Daughter’s Class Have a Laptop Why Can’t SheJen told Today she didn’t know tweens need computers.
  2. real housewives of new jersey
    Oh, My God, Milania Giudice Has a YouTube ChannelThe tiny terror of Real Housewives of New Jersey is live and unfiltered.
  3. nostalgia
    Claire’s Continues Its Glittery DeclineMuch like your first ear-piercing, their sales continue to shrink.
  4. can u not
    ‘Bikini Body’ Classes for 11-Year-Old Schoolgirls Are a Terrible IdeaWhy did anyone think this was an okay idea?
  5. nostalgia
    Being Age 12: A Story in 4 Limited Too Outfits In honor of the brand’s triumphant return to a mall near you.
  6. screaming
    Why Tweens Lose Their Damn Minds at ConcertsSociologists have some ideas. 
  7. What It Was Like to Be a Tween in 1992 Sometimes it’s horses and Jesus, sometimes it’s pot roast.
  8. any excuse to quote one direction lyrics
    What Will One Direction’s Perfume Smell Like?Will it make the boys drool down their chinny-chin-chins?
  9. hairy situations
    This Brave 12-Year-Old Agrees to Be the Face of the Preteen Waxing TrendHer mom isn’t thrilled.