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  1. comic-con 2013
    End of an Era: No KStew-RPatz at Comic-ConR.I.P. Twilight Saga.
  2. twilight gender gap
    Why Did So Many Men See Twilight This Time?The studio says it’s because it’s an action movie. We have other ideas.
  3. multi-zoom analysis
    Kristen Stewart’s Twilight Dress: Visible Butt CheekAlso, she wore her love-token necklace backward. 
  4. twihards
    What Kristen Stewart Should Wear to the Twilight PremieresWe’ve already seen her in plenty of Balenciaga, so here’s what the Cut suggests.
  5. Twilight’s Fashion Invasion Reaches Calvin Klein, VogueThere could be no better time to remember the saga’s fashion journey over the past year.
  6. Taylor Lautner: The Twi Style EvolutionAdmit it, you want to look at a slideshow of lots of pictures of him.
  7. Hot Topic Suffers Without TwilightSales slipped without ‘New Moon’ merchandise.
  8. PETA Recruits Naked 19-Year-Old Twilight GirlIt could be the most potent ad in the campaign yet.
  9. Behold: Harper’s Bazaar’s Twilight IssueJust make sure no 12-year-old girls are around to scream bloody murder in your ears.
  10. Nordstrom Is Launching a Twilight LineIt’s the retail equivalent of selling out.
  11. Twilight Emerges As Retail’s Great Savior’Twilight’ merchandise not only saved Hot Topic from going under, it’s actually boosting sales each month. STILL.