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  1. twitter love
    Beyoncé FaceTimed With a Cancer Patient From HoustonShe called a high-school student who has a stage-four diagnosis of cancer.
  2. twitter love
    Zendaya Hires Body-Shamed Twitter User for Modeling Job“Slay on, queen.”
  3. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift’s Fans Start Their Own Hashtag in SolidaritySo as not to be outdone by the competing, trending hashtags of the previous night.
  4. hillary clinton
    Hillary and J.Lo Are Twitter Buddies, Not Just MamasHillary Clinton is not just Chelsea’s mom.
  5. twitter love
    Here Is a Lothario of Twitter“I normally have about four or five girls on the go at once.”
  6. momentous occasions
    Gay-Marriage Decision Caused Anna Wintour to TweetSo many firsts today.
  7. cut chat room
    On Amanda Bynes, Who Wants Drake to ‘Murder Her Vagina’The meaning, consequences, and etiquette of Amanda Bynes’s Twitter request.