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  1. celebrity
    Does Avril Lavigne Have a New Sk8er Boi?After breaking off her engagement with Mod Sun, she was spotted kissing Tyga in Paris.
  2. cher
    Looks Like Cher Has a New BoyfriendThe pop icon held an impromptu Twitter Q&A on her new relationship with Alexander Edwards.
  3. celebrity breakups
    Kylie Jenner Knows That the Best Breakup Distraction Is Hanging Out With an Ex“But she insists it was not a date!”
  4. coachella 2018
    All the Best Drama From the First Weekend of CoachellaThe Weeknd maybe cried about Selena Gomez, then was spotted smooching his ex Bella Hadid. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber reportedly punched a guy.
  5. life of kylie
    Kylie Jenner Just Wants to Be NormalThis week’s Life of Kylie recap.
  6. life of kylie
    Kylie Jenner Ponders Life, Death, and ButterfliesThis week’s Life of Kylie recap.
  7. life of kylie
    Kylie Jenner Indulges in a Fame-Free Farm Fantasy While Being FilmedOn this week’s Life of Kylie, our star has a real-estate agent pull droppings from nature off of her Yeezys.
  8. roll clip!
    Kylie Jenner and Tyga Look Very Damp in This Music VideoPut down the cigarettes, Kylie!
  9. lifestyles of the rich and shameless
    Kylie Jenner Gave Tyga a 60-Carat Diamond Bracelet for His BirthdayOther than that, it was totally chill. (Not really.)
  10. money money money
    Kylie Jenner’s Getting Sucked Into Tyga’s Debt ProblemsShe’ll have to answer questions under oath in the latest lawsuit against him.
  11. keeping up with the kardashians
    Tyga Bought Kylie Jenner a Mercedes-Benz for Her BirthdayWhen a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory just won’t do.
  12. young love
    Kylie Jenner and Tyga Went on a Sexy Movie Date at the MallThey went to see The Purge: Election Year.
  13. Kylie Jenner and Tyga Make Out in Front of Another Car He Can’t AffordThe two were spotted at a Bentley dealership.
  14. love is real
    Amina Blue, Kanye Muse, Might Be Dating TygaThe plot thickens.
  15. keeping up with the kardashians
    Tyga Comments On His Split From Kylie Jenner, Sort OfHe definitely does not want to talk about Rob Kardashian’s suitability as a stepfather, though.
  16. keeping up with the kardashians
    Everything Is Falling Into Place for Angela KardashianTMZ reports Kylie Jenner and Tyga have broken up for good.
  17. Kylie Jenner Wants Kids by the Time She Turns 25Just imagine North playing with her new baby cousins!
  18. games
    Based on This Us Weekly Questionnaire, How Old Would You Say Tyga Is?A guessing game.
  19. slidin into it
    Apparently Tyga Slid Into a 14-Year-Old’s DMsShe’s got Gloria Allred on her side, though.
  20. hot shot
    Kylie Jenner’s Nostrils Don’t LieShe’s stressing.
  21. breakups
    Kylie and Tyga Definitely Probably Totally Maybe Broke UpKylie was a no-show at Tyga’s big birthday bash.
  22. video
    Kylie Jenner Turns Into a Horrifying Zombie in New Tyga VideoSo that’s what she looks like without contouring.
  23. look of the day
    Tyga Accessorized With a Fat Stack of HundredsSubtle.
  24. loose threads
    Talbots Down $366.5 Million; Michael Jackson Wears Ladies’ BalmainAlso, Rick Owens just opened a store in London with a plastic head, and Isaac Mizrahi has a new radio show.