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  1. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Cockroaches, Pizza, and ToiletsA “method modeling” challenge has the girls licking floors, chugging milk, and pretending to vomit.
  2. tyra tyme
    Tyra Banks Accidentally Uploads MySpace Face to InstagramWhat a mix-up.
  3. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Birds of Prey and SteampunksThis week’s photo shoot features live hawks and a real-time critique from Bryanboy. Equally terrifying!
  4. wanna be on top
    America’s Next Top Model Recap: Girls on FireAlicia Keys makes (almost) everything better.
  5. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Fistfights and a Stolen LighterIn which the girls smize their way through a zombie-themed photo shoot.
  6. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: Wordsmiths Ryan Lochte and Tyra Banks Meet at Jeremy ScottTry to imagine the preshow conversation.
  7. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: It’s Makeover Week!Kelly Cutrone tells Maria she’s “committed to defending mediocrity.”
  8. Top Model Recap: Bryanboy Makes His DebutPlus, a taxidermy-themed photo challenge, and Shenae Grimes.
  9. wanna be on top
    Top Model Recap: Meowing, Fake Teeth, and VotesThe newly made-over show begins its nineteenth cycle.
  10. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks Can Actually Make Up New Words on the SpotLike “breatiful,” “whooshed,” and “moodled.”
  11. wanna be on top
    You Guys, Tyra Banks and P’Trique Made a Top Model Trailer!It’s totes amaze!
  12. wanna be on top
    Tyra Teaches Jimmy Fallon the Art of ToochingHe’s a natural.
  13. fugs so good
    Celebrity Style Stockholm Syndrome: A GuideThe red carpet terrors we secretly love.
  14. loose threads
    Tyra Banks’s GIF Party; Lara Stone for Calvin Klein UnderwearPlus, Natalia Vodianova covers Vogue Russia.
  15. wanna be on top
    Top Model Books Tyler Perry, Alicia KeysThey’ll both cameo on cycle nineteen.
  16. wanna be on top
    Count the Photoshop Blunders in This Terrible New Top Model AdOne, two, three … keep going.
  17. wanna be on top
    The Cast of Top Model Is So Happy TogetherReally! Promise!
  18. wanna be on top
    Little Did You Know, Tyra Almost Abandoned Top ModelObviously, she didn’t.
  19. wanna be on top
    Bryanboy on Top Model: ‘I Threw a Paper at a Girl’And he made the other ones cry.
  20. loose threads
    Alessandra Ambrosio’s Baby; SJP and Beckham?Plus, Jessica Stam covers Turkish Harper’s Bazaar’s July issue.
  21. wanna be on top
    Tyra’s New Complex Has an In-House PlanetariumFor the kids, obviously!
  22. wanna be on top
    You Are the Fourth Top Model Judge, Not BryanboyIt appears that he’s doing crowd control for the social media fans.
  23. loose threads
    Pamela Love Gives a Design Studio Tour; Top Model Crowns New WinnerPlus, an Hermès–decorated apartment, J.Crew’s profits soar, and more fashion news.
  24. wanna be on top
    Tyra’s Making the Most of New Top Model Judge Rob Evans AlreadyYes, that means she’s got him in a photo shoot, nearly naked. Well played, Ms. Banks.
  25. wanna be on top
    Bryanboy Is Going to Top Model After AllHe’s been stringing us along, that sneaky fellow.
  26. don’t weight up
    Janice Dickinson Is Also Suspicious of Vogue’s New Health InitiativeAnd has more nasty things to say about Tyra, too.
  27. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks’s Master Plan for Top Model RevealedThe 19th cycle will be college-themed.
  28. Tyra Has More to Say About Vogue and FlawsomeThe flawsome part just had to get squeezed in somewhere!
  29. beauty marks
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Named the Face of Hugo Boss Fragrance; Heidi Klum’s New GigPlus, Tyra Banks wore too much eye makeup.
  30. loose threads
    Alaïa Is Designing for Mariah Carey; Who What Wear ExpandsPlus Tyra went to Disneyland! With Drake.
  31. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks Was So Excited to Meet Jeremy Lin“He’s a Harvard alum!”
  32. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks on Top Model’s Triple EliminationBut they’re all “a family,” so the fun will never “end”!
  33. wanna be on top
    Barker, Alexander, and Manuel Cut From Top ModelAnd Bryanboy might be waiting in the wings.
  34. wanna be on top
    Watch Top Model Hopefuls Dance in Booty Tooch PadsThey’re apparently like training bras.
  35. wanna be on top
    This Cycle’s Top Model Hopefuls Got to Make Music Videos AgainThe results are worse than you could ever possibly imagine.
  36. disses
    Looks Like the Olsen Weren’t Fans of ModellandThey don’t know what they missed out on.
  37. wanna be on top
    Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Drenched in Maple SyrupYep, blame Canada.
  38. when models act
    Tyra Banks Cameos on Disney Channel’s Shake It UpShe plays a frumpy librarian.
  39. wanna be on top
    See Top Model Hopefuls Panned by a Focus GroupYou’d think they were ASKED to be mean or something, gosh.
  40. wanna be on top
    Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Tremble in Front of Kelly CutroneAnd rightfully so.
  41. wanna be on top
    Video: See Top Model Hopefuls Eating HaggisModels eat, don’t enjoy it at all.
  42. wanna be on top
    Holland’s Next Top Model Winner Wins Lawsuit Against EliteA court awarded Ananda Marchildon the money she’d asked for.
  43. beauty marks
    Ke$ha Gets Hair Studs; Tyra Banks on ANTM MakeoversPlus, Rihanna’s emergency hair appointment.
  44. wanna be on top
    Top Model Hopefuls Dressed As MObama, ThatcherThere’s also a Scary Spice, Pocahontas, and Princess Di.
  45. wanna be on top
    Top Model Contestants Now Haunt Kelly Cutrone’s Dreams“I need to charge more money next season because I thought judging would end when I went home. I didn’t realize that they’d be infiltrating my sleep.”
  46. wanna be on top (of hbs)
    Tyra Banks Graduated From Harvard Business School TodayShe took Twitpics during the ceremony.
  47. wanna be on top
    See the New Top Model CastIt really is a “British invasion,” with as many tea bags and scones as could be smuggled through customs.
  48. tyra mail
    What’s Tyra Banks’s Valentine Gift to Harvard Business School?Herself!
  49. the dating game
    Tyra Banks Has a New BoyfriendAs has been widely noted, she really is living out the plot of Eat, Pray, Love.
  50. fab poems
    Someone Wrote Tyra Banks a Nice Little PoemSo we did too.
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