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  1. everyday misogyny
    Tyrese Gibson Apologizes for His Sexist Rant About ‘Sluts’ During an Interview“Damn I’ve said some super stupid s**t.”
  2. drama
    Tyrese Chose the Wrong Side in the 2 Feud 2 Furious BeefUh-oh. The Rock’s coming for ya.
  3. hot dads
    Tyrese Got His Daughter an Island for Christmas Thanks a lot, Dad.
  4. furry situations
    Joe Namath, Kanye West, and More: A Brief History of Men in FurThe caveman look. 
  5. beauty marks
    Calvin Klein’s New Men’s Scent; Tyrese Likes His Name Tattooed on WomenAnd a British study says that blondes are “25 percent more likely to strike out on a first date.”