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  1. online harassment
    60 Marines Will Face Punishment Following Nude -Photo-Sharing Scandal130 were investigated.
  2. revenge porn
    Military Men Reportedly Circulating Nude Photos of Female Service MembersVia a Dropbox folder called “Hoes Hoin’.”
  3. transgender rights
    U.S. Military to Accept Transgender Recruits on New Year’s Day“We are relieved that we don’t have to hit pause on the constitutional rights of transgender people who are willing and able to serve our country.”
  4. transgender rights
    Turns Out Enacting Legislation Takes More Than Pressing ‘Send Tweet’A federal court has temporarily prevented the Pentagon from enacting a ban on transgender troops.
  5. politics
    Trump Reportedly Signs Order Banning Transgender People From Joining MilitaryTrump follows through on his tweets, but leaves the status of openly transgender active service members up to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
  6. politics
    White House Finds Solution to Transgender Military Ban: Delay, Let Mattis DecideThe reported plan gives Mattis six months to figure out what Trump’s tweets mean for service members — and by then the courts may have weighed in.
  7. politics
    5 Transgender Soldiers Are Suing President Trump Over Military BanTwo LGBTQ legal organizations filed a lawsuit on their behalf.
  8. Police Departments Say They’ll Welcome Transgender TroopsIf transgender troops are kicked out of the military, police departments across the country say they’ll step in.
  9. politics
    House Unanimously Passes Measure to Ban Nude-Photo Sharing in the MilitaryAfter a nude photo-sharing scandal rocked the Marine Corps.
  10. Female Marines Write Letter Calling for Change After Nude-Photo ScandalAn open letter signed by nearly 100 female Marines calls for an end to misogyny.
  11. sexual harassment
    Female Senators Blast Military Officials Over Nude-Photo Scandal“When you say to us it’s got to be different, that rings hollow.”
  12. sexual harassment
    U.S. Marines Are Reportedly Still Sharing Nude PhotosDespite the Department of Defense’s investigation.
  13. hair politics
    The U.S. Army Finally Lifted Its Ban on DreadlocksAfrican-American servicewomen are praising the change.
  14. An 8-Year-Old American Girl Died in the First Military Strike Under TrumpNawar al-Awlaki, the daughter of New Mexico–born Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed, along with a Navy SEAL.
  15. Marine Corps Eases Weight Restrictions for WomenThe new guidelines mean women can actually build muscle mass.
  16. Pentagon Lifts Ban on Transgender Military MembersDefense Secretary Ashton Carter said transgender service members can serve openly, “effective immediately.”
  17. trans rights
    Pentagon to Repeal Ban on Transgender Military MembersThe official announcement is expected on July 1.
  18. style tribes
    Here She Comes, Ms. Veteran America and Her ArmyMermaid dresses and dog tags: Inside America’s first military pageant.