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  1. crime
    Lyft Received Over 1,800 Sexual-Assault Reports in a YearAfter dragging its feet for years, the company has finally released new safety data.
  2. racism
    An Asian Uber Driver Was Pepper Sprayed and Coughed On by RidersAfter the driver, who is from Nepal, asked the passengers to wear masks, they called him racial slurs and ripped off his mask.
  3. law
    Are Uber and Lyft Shutting Down in California?The ride-hailing companies threatened to stop operations in protest of a recent labor law. Here’s what we know.
  4. sexual assault
    More Than 3,000 People Reported Sexual Assault in Ubers Last YearThe ride-sharing app released its first-ever safety report, and the results are alarming.
  5. crime
    A Woman Was Raped by a Man Pretending to Be Her Uber DriverDetails of the December crime have been released following the death of a University of South Carolina student.
  6. the pink tax
    The Illusion of Safer Transportation Is Costing WomenWomen spend up to $100 more than men each month, a new study from NYU found.
  7. crime
    Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnapped, Groped Woman — Then She Was Charged $1,047The driver, Harbir Parmar, faces a potential life sentence.
  8. new york city
    Elaine Welteroth Speaks Out on Instagram About Uber Driver Misconduct“Too many of us deal with this kind of mistreatment daily,” she wrote afterward.
  9. who among us?
    Drunk Guy Accidentally Takes $1,635 Uber RideHe went all the way from West Virginia to New Jersey.
  10. crime
    What to Know in the Case of an Uber Driver Accused of Killing a British DiplomatRebecca Dykes was found dead in Beirut on Saturday morning.
  11. lawsuits
    These Women Are Suing Uber for Being Raped by DriversThe women are asking Uber to implement stricter background checks on drivers.
  12. profiles
    The Best Reason to Start Using Uber AgainPositive, boundary-breaking, irresistible — she may be the only way to get where they need to go.
  13. The Uber Sexual Harassment Scandal Is Being Made Into a MovieBased on engineer Susan Fowler’s terrible year at the ride-sharing behemoth.
  14. Uber Is Sorry for ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ PromoUber now knows there are ways to appreciate your wife other than allowing her to “take a day off from the kitchen.”
  15. Are You Ready to Buy Beauty Products From Your Uber Driver?A new company certainly hopes so.
  16. forbes women’s summit
    Bozoma Saint John, Uber’s Newest Exec, Says She Isn’t Afraid of a ChallengeWhat a crazy week to start a job at Uber!
  17. 16-Year-Old Girl Accused of Murdering Uber Driver With MacheteShe is being charged with first-degree murder.
  18. body-shaming
    Tess Holliday Says She’s Boycotting Uber After a Driver Fat-Shamed Her“I’m fat. I also have a fat wallet & will no longer be using your services.”
  19. gig economy
    Just How Creepy Are Uber’s Driver-Nudges?A new story highlights the creepy ways in which Uber tries to wring the most profit out of its drivers.
  20. uber
    Uber Execs Went to an Escort Karaoke Bar in Seoul: HR ComplaintThe hits just keep on coming.
  21. everyday sexism
    Another Female Uber Employee Comes Forward With Harassment ClaimsHer female manager allegedly shamed her for wearing a tank top.
  22. sexual assault
    This Law Would Create a Database of Sexual Assaults in Ride-Hailing ServicesAny report of sexual assault in one of New York’s 143,674 licensed vehicles would be made public.
  23. privacy
    Uber Employees Reportedly Used the App to Spy on Their ExesA former employee recounts chilling examples of how the app’s tracking capabilities were used.
  24. uber
    These Women Just Settled a Huge Sexual-Assault Lawsuit Against UberThe settlement comes after a May ruling that Uber can’t distance itself from its drivers’ misconduct.
  25. everyday sexism
    Uber Drivers Discriminate Against Women and Black People, According to New StudyFemale passengers were sometimes taken on routes five times longer than necessary.
  26. awful things
    Uber Operator Allegedly Laughed at a Man for Calling to Report a Sexual AssaultThe driver has since been permanently banned.
  27. beauty school drop out
    Call an Uber, Get a Free Makeup LessonFor Thursday only.
  28. People Get Suspicious When the Uber Surge Price Is a Round NumberA super-specific price like 1.9 times the normal rate – that, we feel like can trust. But 2.0x? Sounds made up.
  29. Grab a Ride in a Marc Jacobs–Branded Uber TodayDriving with daisies.
  30. misfires
    Uber Manages to Implicate Don Draper in Response to Sexual-Assault ComplaintsThe ride-share company attempts to defend itself against customer-service complaints. 
  31. uber
    Should You Trust Uber’s Big New Uber vs. Cabs Study?The results are solid, but there are a couple of catches.
  32. bills bills bills
    Uber Charges Woman, Woman Charges PublicCrowd-funding that $362 billing.
  33. the hit list
    11 Most Awesome Things From the First Day of Fashion WeekIt’s like Groundhog Day, but chicer.