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Ugly Things

  1. croc-a-doodle-doo
    Crocs Made Over $1 Billion in 2011Which means the shoes are selling more than ever.
  2. ugly things
    ‘Slutty Chic’ Hot for PromUGLY slutty chic at that.
  3. ugly things
    Crocs Picks Up the Pace on Its Soho StoreNooooooooo!!
  4. ‘tis the season
    It’s Ugly Sweater Time!Check out the latest advancements in knitted heinousness.
  5. ugly things
    Crocs Are Profitable AgainBooooo.
  6. ugly things
    Crocs to Open First Retail OutletIn the recesses of Boulder, Colorado.
  7. ugly things
    Crocs Got a $30 Million Loan!Ahhhhhhhhhh!
  8. ugly things
    Crocs’ Success Influenced Surge of Plastic ShoesThe company’s success showed how brands can tap into a new market of consumers.
  9. ugly things
    Crocs ‘Dead and They Don’t Know It’The shoe company could go under as soon as September.
  10. ugly things
    Crocs Determined to Survive the DownturnConsider yourself warned.
  11. ugly things
    Louis Vuitton, Please Sue This Guy for His Hideous CarSome German prince pimped his Rolls-Royce with Louis Vuitton monogram. And it is garish.
  12. ugly things
    The Slow Death of Crocs ContinuesThe company lost $22.4 million in the first quarter. Sad we are not.