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  1. movie recs
    A Reminder That Things Could Always Get WeirderIn which Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky recommends “everybody watch the 2005 film ‘Earthlings.’”
  2. power
    Giuliani’s Ukrainian Associates Are As Bumbling As He IsJust innocently not interfering in foreign elections, operating a beach club called “Mafia Rave.”
  3. trump impeachment
    Just Checking in on Rudy GiulianiThe president’s personal lawyer has responded to the impeachment scandal by making frequent and incoherent media appearances.
  4. sex strikes
    Ukrainian Women Boycott Sex With Russians“Don’t give it to a Russian.” 
  5. femen
    Ukraine’s Topless Feminists Are Here and They’re RecruitingHate Putin? Love boobs? Sign up.
  6. out of the box
    Odd Future: Shooting Spring’s Bold New Patterns and PrintsSynchrodogs, a surrealist photography duo on the rise, shoots spring’s boldest designer clothes for the Cut.